16 Oct 2017

Best Flower Arrangements for Autumn

The nights are drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall. That only means one thing, autumn is in the air! Our favourite time of the year at Bloom Magic, the deep colours of autumn create truly beautiful bouquets that will warm the cockles of your heart and add a seasonal touch to your home. Autumn is all about deep reds, yellows and oranges colours so flowers like roses, crocuses and the beautiful, rich colours of Sahin’s Early Flower are common in autumn bouquets. Take a read below for our pick of the best flower arrangements for autumn.

Whether you are creating your own centre piece or ordering from us, knowing which flowers to pick is important. All flowers are beautiful individually but don’t always look great together. Having a colour combination in mind is important. For autumn, we love putting burgundies and greens together. Channelling the deep colours found in the Scottish highlands, add a celtic touch to your home with these colours. Use deep purple heather and pair it with the dark green leaves from Lady’s Mantle. Add a Thistle for an extra Scottish touch or pale green roses for a romantic bouquet.

Moving away from the purples and back to more traditional autumn colours of reds and yellows, you can create a beautiful autumnal centre piece for your dining table with just a bunch of beautiful, rich flowers in a stylish vase. Often associated with summer, sunflowers can also be a wonderful autumn flower. The Joker sunflower is one of our favourite autumn flowers with its burnt orange leaves and yellow tips. The perfect display all you need is four or five Joker Sunflowers and you have a perfect centre piece for a seasonal dinner party.

Other beautiful, deep orange flowers include the Stonecrop flower. Try pairing with red berries and orange Dahlias for a beautifully autumnal bouquet. If you are looking to create a show stopping centre piece why not add some cascading Amaranthus to a high vase. These flowers come in a rich burgundy colour, perfect for autumn. If you really want to go all out, add seasonal fruit to the arrangement like apples and plums. Nothing says autumn more than falling leaves so why not add a few to your arrangement. If you are using real ones, be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t whither too much. Create a positively Canadian piece by using deep red maple leaves or add an exotic touch with Ferns.

If our blog has got you in the mood for some beautiful autumn flowers take a look at Bloom Magic’s wonderful seasonal bouquets or treat a loved one to a beautiful Autumn Leaves gift set. All of our flowers come with same day delivery on orders placed before 1pm.


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