19 Apr 2019

Flower Tips: Easter Dinner Centrepieces

The shop shelves are filling up with egg versions of all your favourite sweet treats. With each day that passes, it seems there is another shelf dedicated to tiny chicks and all the other bits and pieces that will help you craft a prize-winning bonnet; it can only mean one thing… Easter is here! In the Bloom Magic office, we already have the eggs we hope the Easter bunny will bring us picked out and ranked in order of size and amount of extra bars of chocolate they include. 

This year Easter falls at the end of April on Sunday, April 21st.

Perhaps you are planning to hit up the Annual Easter egg hunt at Wells House in Co. Wexford that includes the chance to meet the Easter bunny and take part in themed arts and crafts. Or maybe a visit to the spring lambs while you hunt for chocolatey goodness at Strokestown Park House & Gardens in Co. Roscommon is on the cards.

If you are staying closer to home a slap-up Easter meal might be on the agenda. Whether you are inviting the whole family or are going to be entertaining your closest friends, don’t forget that the first bit of any meal is with the eye. Paying attention to the presentation of your meal will gain you some serious brownie points from Great Aunt Maeve and your pal who knows a thing or two about design alike.

Easter Centrepieces

Don’t stop at finding the perfect Easter themed plates and bunny butter holders, go all out with a flower centrepiece that will showcase the best of the Spring season and bring a burst of colour to your dinner table.

White lilies have long been associated with Easter and will add a perfect traditional touch to your day. Our Magical Lilies bouquet showcases these decadent and delightful blooms in all their glory by paring them with lush green foliage.  If you want to change up tradition a little, you can opt for pink lilies instead of white, or even a mix of colours in your bouquet.

Looking for something a bit more contemporary? You will love our range of Spring flowers that features bouquets dripping with roses, hydrangeas, lilacs and so much more. If it is vibrant colours that you are after, then we highly recommend our tulip filled Le Printemps option. Part of the Parisian Collection, these glorious tulips won’t even require a vase thanks to the included chic hatbox that is perfect for displaying them in.

If you are the planning type who likes to have everything arranged and sorted in advance, you can order today but choose the day you want your flowers to arrive with named day delivery. If you have the tendency to leave things a little bit more last minute, don’t forget that we offer next day delivery Monday- Friday and even the option for same day and weekend delivery in Dublin City.


All of our hand tied bouquets are guaranteed  to stay fresh for up to seven days; read our flower care guide for top tips to keep them looking their best. Why not arrange for them to arrive on Thursday or Friday so you can spend Sunday concentrating on the chocolate... We mean cooking. 


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