30 Apr 2018

The Best Gifts for Her

Looking for a smashing birthday gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or friend, but you are completely drawing a blank? Not to worry, Bloom Magic have you covered. It’s not always easy to shop for the special women in your life, whether you are looking for a perfect birthday gift or want to celebrate another occasion. Browse our list of the best gifts for her for inspiration and get a thoughtful present. Happy shopping!

Luxury Flowers

There is no better way to start off a birthday or special celebration than hand-delivered flowers. Take your pick from our seasonal flower arrangements and have a luxuriously lavish bouquet of blooms delivered straight to her door or desk. Take advantage of peony season and order our Pure Peonies bouquet for delivery. Make your gesture extra special and upgrade to a deluxe bouquet that will contain 50% more peonies.

A Delicious Meal Out

Sometimes, the best presents are actual experiences. While other gifts might last a few years depending on the actual gift, memories last forever. This is especially suitable for those people who prefer an experience over jewellery or clothing and can be notoriously tricky to find a gift for. Rather than spending the time to find something, organise a fun date instead. Book a nice afternoon tea, a meal at their favourite restaurant, or grab delicious cocktails at your favourite bar.

Something from the Heart

Nothing shows how much you care than a gift right from the heart. Perhaps you have been friends for over a decade, or you have been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, get them a gift that represents your history together. This could be a little photo album with your best moments, a canvas print of your favourite picture or a personalised item with a heartfelt message. Other thoughtful gifts can also include a beautiful necklace, notebook or something that is meaningful to the both of you.

Whisk Them Away

For a significant birthday or celebration, why not whisk the one you love away for a fun-filled weekend? Now is the perfect time to book a weekend getaway, just at the start of the summer. Score an off-season deal and make new memories together. Whether you are going with your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or friend, taking a break together can be the perfect way to strengthen your relationship. If they deserve a trip, but you cannot make it yourself, why not organise something for her and a friend of her choice? She’ll surely appreciate the lovely gesture. Announce this wonderful surprise through our services by including a note with your Bloom Magic flower delivery!


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