Local Florist Spotlight: Meet Kat of Adonis Flower Designers

One of the best things about ordering flowers online from Bloom Magic is that each bouquet is handcrafted by an expert local florist. We work very hard to ensure those we showcase are the best of the best, and that they deliver breath-taking arrangements consistently. Because each local florist has a different style and personality, we’ve opted to devote some of our blogs to introducing you to the very people who will fulfil your requests when you order flowers online from Bloom Magic. Kat, from Adonis Flower Designers, was kind enough to chat with us about what makes their shop tops when it comes toflower delivery in Dublin.

They’ve Created Over 45,600 Bouquets (…and counting)

Adonis Flower Designers is a mainstay in Dublin, providing clients with high-quality arrangements since 1992. Though the original owner has since retired from the industry, Kat began working with him in 2008. She trained as a florist for three years in Germany and also spent some time working for a large flower shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, before making her home at Adonis. When asked how many bouquets she and team at Adonis have made over the years, she had to stop and do some quick math. “I have made approximately 15,600 bouquets in my time,” she estimated, “and Mark, one of our staff members who has been in floristry for 26 odd years, prides himself with a figure of around 30,000!”

Their Style Can Be Summed Up as “Natural and Rustic with a Contemporary Twist”

“I personally love all the spring flowers and anything with a nice scent,” Kat said. “Hyacinth, daffodils and sweet pea are up there with my favourites.” The staff is comprised of five individuals from various countries and each has a different background. This makes for a very eclectic mix and a constant flow of new ideas, according to Kat. She adds that the team is always coming up with new concepts, drawing inspiration from everywhere. “It could be a new colour trend in fashion or an ancient painting that sparks an idea,” but no matter what triggers the creativity within them, they always begin with the highest-quality stock available, and strive to keep unique and interesting flowers in stock at all times to delight customers. At the moment, Kat adores making big, wild, handtied bouquets, but her preferences change based on her mood, the season, and the stock available.

They Love the Versatility Bloom Magic Offers

Kat says that the team at Adonis loves any opportunity to go all out and create something truly memorable for a client. One of her favourite memories involves creating a rose petal carpet for a wedding, comprised of some 40,000 petals flowing down the aisle. “The groom surprised his bride on the day with the petals. It was so sweet and special,” she mused. Her local flower shop has been listed in other online directories before, but the standardized arrangements they were forced to make didn’t fit in with their image, according to the florist. “The creators of Bloom Magic have a completely different approach to design and quality guidelines,” Kat replied, when asked about why she made the move to Bloom Magic. “While they ensure that the highest product and service standards are met, we are given the freedom of showcasing our own creations on the website. This also means clients have a big range of unique designs to choose from.”

If you’re looking forflower delivery in Dublin, Adonis is sure to create a lovely and memorable bouquet, no matter what the occasion is. “For anyone that hadn’t come across us before, I hope they will discover our beautiful shop and love our work as much as we do!” the local florist said. If you’d like to see the gorgeous and unique arrangements the team at Adonis can create for you, check out all the flowers online intheir section of the Bloom Magic catalogue.