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The "Mon Amour" is our signature hatbox of the Valentines and Romance collection.
It's comprised of 12 grade A, red roses .

This Valentine's Bundle is brand new to Bloom Magic and available for delivery only between February 10th & February 15th.

It features:
- Our luxury Mon Amour red rose hatbox.
- A bottle of Château Sainte-Croix ‘Magnolia’ Rosé 2019.
- True Lavender Luxury Natural candle by Max Benjamin.

An extra special gift to give this Valentine's Day!

In order to have your Valentine's gift early, we recommend selecting delivery dates between February 11th - 13th 2021.

Note: On delivery, you may notice some tougher, slightly browned petals around the outside of your roses or other flowers. Rest assured, the flowers are fresh!These are called 'storm petals' which we intentionally leave on to protect the delicate inner flower when in transit. To reveal the fresh inner petals, gently remove the 3/4 storm petals by pulling them at the base.

  • Bloom Magic - Mon Amour Valentine's Bundle
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