Bloom Magic


Available for delivery in Dublin only.

Also known as the Snake Plant/Mother in laws tongue. This plant is practically indestructible, unless it has been overwatered, making it one of the easiest to grow! It is happy in almost any light condition, but will grow best in bright light.

It is one of the top air purifying household plants and releases night time oxygen.

They really are the easiest of plants to look after, and will happily reward your lack of attention by giving clean air to your home and a little cheer in the corner of any room.

During spring and summer months keep the plant’s soil moist, but not wet, watering about once every two weeks. Over winter, water moderately. As a general rule, water once a month or so.

Luxury Pot included. Pot Size 17cm Height 70CM , Cover Pot Ceramic 24cm

May be toxic to dogs & cats if ingested.

  • Bloom Magic - Sansevieria