Graduation Flowers

Send beautiful Graduation flowers anywhere in Ireland. Is someone in the family about to have a very special day indeed? Are robes being ironed as we speak? If you know someone graduating soon, you’ll want to make sure they have some lovely graduation flowers for the day. Here at Bloom Magic we can deliver to any new graduate, whether it’s up at Magee in Derry or NUI in Galway. They make not only great presents but can be used on the day in graduation photos too. If you’ve never bought a graduation bouquet before, don’t worry. We have all the information you need
to get the right one ahead of the day.

Bespoke Graduation Bouquets

Bloom Magic has an exquisitely ornate range of bouquets and gift sets for any budding graduate. Our florists craft bouquets that reflect the special day; expect vibrant colours and appropriate seasonal tones. It’s important to choose flowers suited to the right time of year, as you wouldn’t want to be giving someone summer colours for a winter graduation, and vice versa. Each bouquet has been arranged for a day when all the details need to be just right. It helps to know what type of flowers befit the right type of graduation too.

Tips for Getting High School Graduation Flowers

Get a bouquet that’s in season. With high school graduations around early summer, a bouquet with orchids or carnations is a must (something like our Venice Beach Sunset bouquet comes to mind). It’s also an ideal time to get those who helped make the graduation possible some flowers too. It’s becoming quite common to get flowers for teachers who have gone the extra mile as a special token of appreciation.

Tips for Getting University Graduation Flowers

A lovely idea is to find out what school the person you’re buying for will be graduating from. Different school types usually have their own hood for the gown and getting flowers to match that colour is a nice touch. Make sure to ask whoever’s graduating subtlety if they know their colours so your flowers can match. They’ll look fantastic when you’re all posing for photos after the ceremony.

Get Graduation Flowers in Advance

Already know the graduation date but can’t make it? You can plan ahead and get graduation flowers delivered as soon as you know when they’re needed. Top university town/locations we deliver to include Dublin (around both Trinity and UCD), Belfast, Galway and Cork.

Add Something Extra Special

If you feel you need to get a special something extra for the graduate, have a look at some of our luxury items you can add on. You can get a delectable box of chocolates from Guylian or Butlers, add a scented candle or, for the university graduates, add a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco to really seize the celebratory atmosphere. If you need any helping picking a graduation bouquet, or want to know more about how we deliver, we’d love you to get in touch. You can leave us a message here or call us directly on 353 1 517 6247 (or 0808 281 2581 if you’re calling from the North).