Blog title here 04.19.19

Flower Tips: Easter Dinner Centrepieces

The shop shelves are filling up with egg versions of all your favourite sweet treats. With each day that passes, it seems there is another shelf dedicated to tiny chicks and all the other bits and pieces that will help you craft a prize-winning bonnet; it can only mean one thing… Easter is here! In the Bloom Magic office, we already have the eggs we hope the Easter bunny will bring us picked out a...

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Blog title here 03.25.19

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019

You might have been unlucky enough to be living under a rock for the last few weeks and haven’t realised that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. For anyone out there who has completely forgotten about it, is worried they don’t have enough time in the day to pull it out of the bag and mightn’t even be able to post a card in time; don’t worry! Bloom Magic is here to sav...

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Blog title here 03.14.19

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2019

Here at Bloom Magic, we think it is important to honour the important people in our lives and mothers are no different! We have curated a gorgeous collection of Mother's Day flowers again this year. Not only did we bring back some all-time favourites, but we have also included a few new additions we hope will be a hit this year. Browse our Mother's Day gift guide for inspiration. And if you do nee...

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Blog title here 02.08.19

Galentine's Gift Ideas

Love is in the air this month unless of course you’re trying your hardest to avoid anything and everything to do with Valentine’s Day. For anyone out there who has had enough of it, but still knows they deserve to be treated like a queen, you’ll want to know all about Galentine’s Day. If you’ve watched the TV show Parks & Recreation, you’ll know all about the magical day where women all over...

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Blog title here 01.24.19

Beat the January Blues

Feeling a bit down after all the Christmas and New Year’s hoopla? Don’t worry, you are not alone in feeling a little deflated, in fact the 3rd Monday of January has been christened ‘Blue Monday’ after its reputation for being the most depressing day of the year! While it may no longer be socially acceptable to wander around the house with a chunk of fancy cheese and a glass...

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Blog title here 12.11.18

What flower types are seasonal at Christmas?

You may spend a lot of time decorating the tree or getting the wreath ready to hang on the front door, but do you ever think about what flowers you should get for Christmas? Whether you’re looking to decorate the table with a tasteful arrangement for dinner, or just want to add a pop of colour around the house, the right flowers for this time of year are just lovely to have. Previously on...

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Blog title here 11.23.18

Bloom Magic's Best Christmas Flowers for Christmas 2018

Christmas is a truly a magical time of the year as we get to spend so much more time seeing our friends and families compared to any other celebrations throughout the year. We love to mix things up and have worked hard to create a few new Christmas flowers for our customers that you can send to loved ones.  Our new Christmas floral arrangements will transform any space and add that festive at...

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Blog title here 10.30.18

Seasonal flowers and filler stems in October: ideas for this fall

Even though warm days are disappearing from our sight, but it is not all bloom-and-gloom. There is still a good assortment of flowers this fall that we can choose from that will keep our hearts warm regardless of the weather outside. The selection of flowers will most often depend on your local florist prefers, but most of them will be working with asters, carnations, roses, freesias, Sunflower...

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