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05 Jul 2018

Are you or a loved one celebrating a birthday this July? Well, these summer children have some very interesting facts about them. From personality and nature to luck, love and prosperity, here are some of our favourite fun facts about people born in July. July Babies Are Happy Babies If that special someone in your life is always happy and bubbly, chances are they have a July birthday. Research has suggested that summer babies are normally more cheerful. This is said to be due to the stunning summer weather, as well as the tranquillity of wind and the energy of the world at that time of the year. As a result, people born in July are believed to be less likely to suffer from winter blues and SAD. They Are Gems If you or a special someone close to you were born in July, it might be worthwhile picking up a stunning ruby. This divine gem which ranges in the colours of pink to a deep blood red is the birthstone of the month of July and so it would make a perfectly thoughtful gift. The healing qualities of ruby stones are incredible, and it has the power to shield against even the strongest of negative energies including panic and helps to strengthen joy, dominance, leadership, courage and selflessness. The Perfect Floral Gift For someone born in July, the perfect floral offering is a bouquet containing Delphinium, the flower generally associated with July. This stunning bloom is used in a selection of our hand-tied bouquets and truly adds a little bit of luxury and elegance to any bouquet. These blooms come in an array of shades and can be seen in tones of blue, white, pinks and purples and are sure to bring glee to that special someone and will be sure to convey your love. Soon to Be a Famous Face? July is a month with birthdays to a huge host of famous faces from all industries, from TV, film, music and art to performance, modelling and even government. There really is no shortage of famous faces born this month and you never know, you or that special someone could be the next famous face born in July. Some famous names include Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, Tom Cruise, Ringo Starr, Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Sofia Vergara, Harrison Ford, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez to name but a few – all celebrate their birthday during the month of July. Written in the Stars For the majority of July, the star sign is Cancer. This is symbolised by the crab which is known and famous for being impulsive, loving, sympathetic, loyal and courageous. If one of your loved ones were born in this month then they may display some or all these characteristics. Ruled by the moon, Cancers have the best luck on Monday and Thursdays and should use this power to their advantage. Although some is superstition, one thing that we know for sure is that people born in July are incredible! If you enjoyed this, why not browse through some of our other blog posts?

08 Jun 2018

Flowers play a massive role in weddings, from the bouquet and arrangements in the venue, to centrepieces and outfit finishing’s. These little blooms are a part of the big day, adding the finishing touches to the ceremony and reception. These last few years, Bloom Magic have seen some of the most beautiful arrangements and witnessed wedding flowers trends evolve. If you are planning your big day and are still undecided about your flower selection, have a look through our list detailing some of the most popular wedding flowers. Most Popular Wedding Flowers: Peony Roses Roses Lilies Tulips Chrysanthemums Dahlia Anemone Peony Roses These spring blooms are one of the most recognisable wedding flowers. With stunning shades of white, pink and cream, arrangements with peonies can be designed to complement your colour scheme or even your outfits. It’s no surprise that peony roses are such a best-seller for brides-to-be; they will truly impress at any spring or summer wedding. Roses Arguably the world’s most iconic and favourite flower, what would a wedding be without a rose or two in sight? As such a timeless classic, roses will suit any wedding theme and colour scheme. Single roses and a little greenery will make perfect boutonnières for the groomsmen or elegant corsages for the bridesmaids. If you want to set the right tone on your wedding day, why not surprise your bride with a romantic bouquet of dozen red roses. Lilies Another timeless and classic flower for any big day is lilies. These stunning blooms are the perfect addition to any mixed wedding bouquet, or even in an arrangement on their own. Available in a variety of shades and tones such as ivory, cream, whites and pinks, lilies truly would complement any bride on her wedding day and can make stunning arrangements for bridesmaids alike. Tulips Tulips recently have become increasingly popular for weddings. These understated spring blooms have stunningly large heads and are available in some of the most incredible, vibrant shades of red, pink, purple, blue and yellow. These are perfect to add a little splash of colour to any arrangement or make the perfect bouquet alone for a more contemporary feel. Our Isabella bouquet is a stunning example of a wedding bouquet with Tulips used to elevate the arrangement. Due to the variety of colours, different coloured arrangements can be used between bride and bridesmaids. Chrysanthemums Chrysanthemums, like tulips, have become a recent wedding favourite, with many brides now shifting towards more simplistic yet vibrant arrangements – think simple yet still eye-catching. These blooms, which are native to North-Eastern Europe and North America, can also be used to create the most stunning arrangements for on reception tables. Striking colours add a pop of colour and brightness to even the most neutral of palettes. Dahlia These stunning and sometimes absolutely massive blooms are a popular wedding flower too. As dahlias are available in a variety of shades, they are easy to tailor any personal preference. Just few of these big flowers and some greenery and you will have a grand wedding bouquet that is sure to wow. Because of their size, they are not the most suitable for corsages or boutonnières, but they are ideal to include in centrepieces as well. Anemone A new modern favourite, anemones are a gorgeously delicate flower that will create stunning wedding bouquets. They don’t do too well with excessive heat, so if you are planning an outdoor wedding in the sun, you might see these beauties wilt quite quickly if the florist hasn’t water-picked the stems. Anemones are a contemporary choice, with their thin petals and dark centres. Though often used for accents, anemones on their own will make a stunning bouquet. We hope you have enjoyed our information on some of the most popular wedding flowers. If you have any additional questions or queries, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our agents who would be delighted to help you and are at your disposal at all times.

30 Apr 2018

Looking for a smashing birthday gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister, mother or friend, but you are completely drawing a blank? Not to worry, Bloom Magic have you covered. It’s not always easy to shop for the special women in your life, whether you are looking for a perfect birthday gift or want to celebrate another occasion. Browse our list of the best gifts for her for inspiration and get a thoughtful present. Happy shopping! Luxury Flowers There is no better way to start off a birthday or special celebration than hand-delivered flowers. Take your pick from our seasonal flower arrangements and have a luxuriously lavish bouquet of blooms delivered straight to her door or desk. Take advantage of peony season and order our Pure Peonies bouquet for delivery. Make your gesture extra special and upgrade to a deluxe bouquet that will contain 50% more peonies. A Delicious Meal Out Sometimes, the best presents are actual experiences. While other gifts might last a few years depending on the actual gift, memories last forever. This is especially suitable for those people who prefer an experience over jewellery or clothing and can be notoriously tricky to find a gift for. Rather than spending the time to find something, organise a fun date instead. Book a nice afternoon tea, a meal at their favourite restaurant, or grab delicious cocktails at your favourite bar. Something from the Heart Nothing shows how much you care than a gift right from the heart. Perhaps you have been friends for over a decade, or you have been in a relationship for a significant amount of time, get them a gift that represents your history together. This could be a little photo album with your best moments, a canvas print of your favourite picture or a personalised item with a heartfelt message. Other thoughtful gifts can also include a beautiful necklace, notebook or something that is meaningful to the both of you. Whisk Them Away For a significant birthday or celebration, why not whisk the one you love away for a fun-filled weekend? Now is the perfect time to book a weekend getaway, just at the start of the summer. Score an off-season deal and make new memories together. Whether you are going with your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother or friend, taking a break together can be the perfect way to strengthen your relationship. If they deserve a trip, but you cannot make it yourself, why not organise something for her and a friend of her choice? She’ll surely appreciate the lovely gesture. Announce this wonderful surprise through our services by including a note with your Bloom Magic flower delivery!

21 Mar 2018

Can you believe Easter is only two weekends away? We certainly can’t! If you are hosting a delicious brunch, an egg hunt for the kids or any other festive Easter event, why not roll up your sleeves and add some life and colour to your occasion. Put together some beautiful DIY flowers and decorations to really set the mood this Easter. Although it might sound daunting, it is actually very straight-forward and easy to create beautiful centrepieces and fun decorations suitable for this spring celebration. Easter Branches & Trees Embrace the German tradition of decorating some tree branches with brightly coloured eggs and other Easter materials. The branches are usually taken from goat willows and will produce fluffy, flowering catkins. Decorate the branches with plastic Easter eggs hanging from colourful ribbons or get the children involved and have them colour in paper eggs that can be hung from the branches. Alternatively, buy a few colourful, little pompoms and glue these to the branches. Placed in a big vase with water, a bunch of brightly decorated Easter branches will make a perfect centrepiece. Easter Flowers Nothing says spring quite like a big vase bursting with colourful tulips. If you have been invited to a family affair this Easter weekend but cannot join the festivities for whatever reason, send a beautiful bouquet of bright tulips. Bloom Magic’s Le Printemps arrangement is the ideal Easter gift. Combining colours of yellow, pink, red and more, these stunning tulips are guaranteed to last a full seven days or more. This means your loved one will be able to enjoy your gesture for days to come. If you love the look of our Le Printemps arrangement, you can make organising Easter brunch easier by having these Easter flowers delivered straight to your own door! Hand-Dyed Easter Eggs If there will be children present, make their Easter Egg Hunt extra special by dyeing the eggs in vibrant colours ahead of hiding them. You can also get your own children involved and include them in the painting process. You can use both brown and white eggs. Buy a special egg-dyeing kit or use food colouring to colour the eggs. You can also use run-of-the-mill watercolours to paint the eggs. Easter Garlands Creating stunning Easter egg or bunny garlands is a piece of cake. Either print out little templates on white paper and have your children colour them in or purchase complementing wrapping or coloured paper. Grab your template and trace the shapes onto the paper before cutting them out. Simply glue the figures onto a piece of string or ribbon. You can tailor the paper used to the theme of your party. Go down a shabby chic, contemporary or traditional route – whatever strikes your fancy! For additional inspiration for Easter flowers and decorations, have a browse through our exclusive online catalogue.

28 Feb 2018

The official start of spring is only a few short weeks away, meaning it won’t be long until nature is in full bloom. If you feel winter has lasted long enough, take advantage of a few of our tips on how to bring on a sense of spring a little earlier. Banish those winter blues for good and get ready for the warm, sunny spring and summer months. Spring Cleaning Spruce up your home with a bit of spring cleaning. Over the winter months, our energy levels are generally lower and we might not feel up to deep cleaning the house after coming home from a long day at work. Take advantage of the additional sun hours and start getting rid of some of the clutter that might have accumulated over the holidays. You don’t immediately have to take on the entire house – allocate twenty minutes a night to do a small job and you will soon start to see the benefits. As the sun has begun to shine a little more, you might have noticed your windows are in need of a wash thanks to all the rainy days in autumn and winter. Although it is a small job, giving your windows a wash will allow all that sunlight to flood your rooms. Potted & Fresh-Cut Spring Flowers In every high street shop and supermarket, potted spring flowers are popping up. Nothing brings on the sense of spring quite like flowers. They will brighten up any room in your house, lifting up your spirit and mood. At this time of year, you will find beautifully potted hyacinths, daffodils, narcissi and more. Did you know you can also surprise someone dear to you with a luxury bouquet of fresh-cut spring flowers? Surprise your mum ahead of Mother’s Day or send the warmest birthday wishes with our Le Printemps bouquet – a hatbox absolutely bursting with a wide range of colourful tulips. Clean Up Your Garden Give your garden a little love after those harsh winter months. Clear up the borders and flowers beds, getting rid of any debris that might have fallen from your trees or that has been blown into your garden. While it is too late to plant any spring bulbs, you can still plant a variety of seeds and bulbs to bloom in summer. The varieties that are perfect for planting in February and March include vibrant ranunculus, sweet peas, poppies, galtonia and lilies – if you have cats or there are many neighbourhood cats, it is recommended to avoid lilies as some varieties are highly toxic for them. If you want to start a little herb patch as well as bring some colour to your garden, there are a variety of beautiful herbs that can be directly sown outdoors, including chives, coriander, fill and parsley.

22 Jan 2018

With Valentine’s Day not far off don’t forget to plan something special this year to celebrate this romantic occasion. Surprise your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner or crush by arranging a beautiful bouquet of flowers to be delivered to their home or work address. If you are stuck for inspiration, let Bloom Magic give you a helping hand. For additional information on our Valentine’s Day bouquets, have a read through and see what arrangements have been included in our exclusive collection this year. Le Printemps If your loved one is not big on roses or you feel going in a different direction for Valentine’s Day this year, then our Le Printemps is the perfect bouquet for you and your recipient. Featuring delightful tulips in spring colours, this hatbox arrangement is just stunning to celebrate your commitment and love. Customise your order to the recipient’s taste by selecting the colour of the hatbox. Take your pick of charcoal grey, powder blue or blush pink. Romance Sur La Seine Ensure Valentine’s Day 2018 makes a lasting impression by choosing our luxuriously lavish Romance Sur la Seine hatbox bouquet. With only the best deep-red roses, this bouquet is perfect if you want to make a grand romantic gesture. The flowers are immaculately presented in a matte black hatbox that complements the deep red colour of the twenty-four roses. If you want to sweep your Valentine off their feet this year, then order the Romance Sur La Seine flowers now. Fiery Passion For a florally sunny surprise this Valentine’s Day, select Bloom Magic’s Fiery Passion bouquet. With twenty mixed-colour roses with shades of red, yellow and orange, this vibrant bouquet is sure to get the passion flowing. A fun alternative to red roses, our Fiery Passion arrangement comes gorgeously presented in hessian to complement the colours in this bouquet. Make your present extra special by including a vase with your order. Heart Stopper Accurately named, this bouquet is to make your Valentine’s heart skip a beat this year. Exclusively created by Bloom Magic’s florists, the Heart Stopper bouquet features shades of pink, red and white. It will include a variety of different seasonal flowers, such as gerbera, lilies, roses and carnations, expertly combined with greenery to make a show-stopping bouquet that is guaranteed to brighten up your loved one’s day. Soirée à l’Opéra Looking for a bouquet with neutral accents? Then the Soirée à l’Opéra arrangement is the one for you. This bouquet elegantly combines a mix of white, pink and red roses with gorgeous greenery for an added pop of colour. Tailor the arrangement to suit the personal style of your Valentine by selecting what colour hatbox the flowers will be presented in – choose from a matte black, blush pink or sparkling white hatbox. To see our full Valentine’s Day collection, click here. To avoid disappointment, ensure you place your order on time. Valentine’s Day is a tremendously busy period at Bloom Magic and some arrangements are available for a limited time only.

12 Dec 2017

Get into the festive spirit this Christmas by sending one of our Christmas Collection bouquets to friends, family or colleagues. Our Collection includes joyfully cheerful bouquets ideal to wish someone a Merry Christmas. Each Christmas bouquet features seasonal flowers, colours and sundries to add a little bit of sparkle to your loved one’s home. If you are stuck for inspiration, have a look what bouquets Bloom Magic have created especially for you this Christmas. Prancer Our Prancer bouquet has been designed for those people who like a snowy white Christmas and a little extra sparkle. Each bouquet will feature stunning snowy white flowers and lush greenery that have been combined to create an elegant arrangement. Just like all other Bloom Magic Christmas flowers, the Prancer bouquet will include seasonal sundries, such as sparkly pine cones or snowflakes. Our artisan florists will handpick suitable accessories to be included in your bouquet, so each arrangement will be unique to you and your recipient. Click here to order our Prancer bouquet. Vixen Our Vixen bouquet is ideal to add a gorgeous pop of colour to your loved one’s home. Combining greens, red and gold, the Vixen bouquet encapsulates Christmas perfectly. Not only that, each bouquet will be presented in a gorgeous waterproof hatbox to make the ultimate festive present. You can choose a charcoal grey or sparkling white hatbox when you place your order so you can personalise the bouquet to suit your recipient’s personal taste. View and buy our Vixen bouquet now. Comet Send someone a little Christmas cheer with our Comet bouquet. Featuring greenery, white flowers, pine cones and sparkly sundries, the Comet flower arrangement encompasses a modern twist on Christmas. Surprise someone with this bouquet this holiday season and add a classic cylinder vase or hourglass vase to make your Bloom Magic bouquet the ultimate present. All sundries and pinecones included will be chosen by our florists, so you can be sure your gift will be unique. Surprise your loved one and buy our Comet bouquet now. Christmas Wreath Nothing says Christmas like an elegantly designed festive wreath. This is why our Bloom Magic Christmas Wreath has been created specifically to not only fill any home with the scent of the season but also to be a grand feature on any door. Each wreath is handcrafted and will feature fresh winter foliage, a beautiful bow and a variety of sundries that can include dried fruit, pinecones, miniature baubles and more. View and buy your Christmas wreath now. Dasher Send our Dasher bouquet to your loved ones to send them a cheerfully Christmassy bouquet. The Dasher bouquet features warm shades of red, white and seasonal greenery that have been combined with a range of sparkly sundries to create a fantastic arrangement. Each bouquet is created expressly for you by our Irish florists and could feature flowers such as gerbera and lilies. Whatever flowers are included in your Dasher bouquet, you can rest assured our florists will expertly arrange them. Click here to order our Dasher bouquet. Rudolph For the ultimate Christmas bouquet with red accents, order the Bloom Magic Rudolph bouquet. Inspired by the red-nosed reindeer, this bouquet features gorgeous red flowers, seasonal greenery and sparkling sundries. This colourful and festive arrangement is sure to get anyone into the Christmas spirit. Add some more festive celebrations to your gift by including a vase or bottle of champagne with your bouquet. Add Rudolph to your basket now. Blitzen Our Blitzen bouquet has been expressly created to add a little warmth to your loved one’s home this Christmas. Featuring tones of orange, yellow and red, this bouquet is sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Just like all of our Christmas flowers, the Blitzen bouquet includes a variety of festive sundries. Handpicked by our florists, the bouquet can include sparkly baubles and cinnamon. Find out more about Blitzen and buy now. Donner For a truly magical and luxurious gift, order our Donner bouquet this Christmas. The Donner arrangement combines red, white and gold with seasonal greens to create a bouquet that captures the spirit of Christmas. For an extra special touch, each Donner bouquet is beautifully presented in a waterproof hatbox, certainly to wow your loved ones this jolly season. Each bouquet will feature seasonal flowers carefully arranged by Bloom Magic’s florists and could feature gerbera, lilies and roses. Buy the perfect gift with our Donner Bouquet now. Le Père Noël Nothing says Christmas like our Le Père Noël, inspired by Father Christmas himself. Presented in a sparkling white waterproof hatbox, this bouquet is our ultimate festive arrangement. Combining seasonal foliage, red and white flowers as well as our best sundries, the Le Père Noël bouquet is the best way to wish someone a very Merry Christmas this year. The accessories and sundries contained in your bouquet can include sparkly pinecones, baubles and dried fruits. Add our Le Père Noël bouquet to your basket now.

15 Nov 2017

With only a few weeks till Christmas, it is time to think about how to spruce up your home to get yourself and your family in the Christmas spirit. To help and inspire you we will list some of the best flowers to use this Christmas. From the traditional pinecones and red poinsettia to white lilies and roses, we will talk you through it all for the ultimate Christmas preparations. Best Flowers for Christmas Carnations Poinsettia Mistletoe Lilies Roses Calla lily Orchids Fresh Flowers & Bouquets Add a little sparkle to your own home, or someone else’s, with a beautiful handcrafted bouquet of fresh flowers. Red and orange flowers are combined to create warm seasonal flower arrangements, and white flowers are combined with greenery to create elegant, snowy bouquets. Not only are these types of bouquets ideal to create a Christmas atmosphere in your own home, they also make perfect presents for family and friends. Just like many other florists, Bloom Magic swap their standard inventory to a Christmas themed inventory. You will be able to order from our exclusive Bloom Magic Christmas Flowers Collection which features seasonal bouquets with names like Rudolph or Comet. You can order our Christmas flowers throughout December and they come in a range of festive colours. Our Christmas flowers are available for delivery throughout Ireland. Potted Plants for Christmas Red poinsettia plants are popping up all over supermarkets and flower stalls – take advantage of this and bring one, or more, home. Display your poinsettia in a beautiful red or white flower pot for a traditional Christmas feel. Alternatively, you can also decorate an existing potted plant by wrapping a ribbon in a colour that matches your Christmas tree or tie your ribbon into a beautiful bow. If you’re feeling extra crafty and don’t mind giving an old pot a bit of a makeover, buy some spray paint in silver or gold and breathe new life into an old plant pot. Christmas Wreaths Nothing screams Christmas like a beautifully festive wreath. In this age of Pinterest, there are many ideas floating about on how you can craft your own non-traditional Christmas wreath. For example, how does a bauble wreath sound? Or craft one with only tinsel. However, nothing really beats a traditional Christmas wreath featuring dried fruits, cinnamon bark, pinecones and sprigs of fir. These types of wreaths will not only look amazing, they will also smell great too. At Bloom Magic, we have also created a festive wreath. As well as seasonal foliage, ours will also feature a selection of Christmas sundries, such as miniature baubles, plus a bow and will come in three different sizes – ideal if you don’t have space for a big one. Click here for more information, including delivery, on our Christmas Wreath.

23 Oct 2017

Can you believe that we are already more than three quarters of the way through 2017?! With so many celebrations coming up it always pays to plan ahead. If you are hosting any dinners or events don’t forget about the decor! Read on for some of our favourite ways to add that special touch that will really pull it all together. Halloween, October 31st Halloween is packed with spooktacular fun and if you are planning a Monster bash (or should that be mash?) make an all hallows eve themed centrepiece to help your guests get into the spirit of things. For this project that mixes whimsy with the macabre you will need: •    A black vase or jug •    Bewitching blooms –  we suggest blood red roses for the best effect •    Eyeballs! Use permanent markers to draw eyes onto ping pong balls or buy some fake eyeballs on Amazon or in high street shops •    Toothpicks First, make sure you have enough eyeballs, you will need one for each rose! Arrange the roses in the black vase. Skewer an eyeball onto a toothpick, use a sharp knife to make a small hole in the ping pong ball first if the toothpick isn’t strong enough. Gently insert the sharp end of the toothpick into the centre of each rose, arrange the petals around the eyeball if necessary. Go ahead and give your guests a scare! Alternatively, order our Romance Sur La Sein bouquet, part of the Parisian Collection. The combination of the deep red roses and the black as night hat box will perfectly compliment your Halloween theme. We love the way our hatboxes look when filled with freshly cut and hand tied flowers, let it inspire you to get creative with how you display your flowers; hollow out a small pumpkin and fill it with flowers to make a beautiful centrepiece that does double duty as a Halloween or harvest inspired centrepiece. Christmas, December 25th If you are hosting a Christmas day celebration it can easily become overwhelming. Turkeys to baste, toys that say ‘some assembly required’ when what they actually mean is ‘engineering degree required’ and oh dear… it looks like Great Aunt Maeve has found the sherry. With so much going on you don’t need another project. Take one more thing off your to do list by ordering festive blooms from Bloom Magic for your home or relatives. Because all of our bouquets are hand-picked to order with the highest quality flowers we guarantee that they will stay fresh for up to 7 days after delivery. Christmas day falls on a Monday this year so place your Christmas flowers order to arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday prior and have a stunning arrangement to enjoy during preparations that can then seamlessly transition to becoming your centre piece.  Place the flowers inside a festive gift box to make the dining table pop, our Snowy Whites bouquet would look especially good in a red box with gold ribbon. Struggling to find the right gift? Don’t forget to search our Gift Set Collection, once you’ve found the perfect combination you can have it delivered right to the recipient with a special message from you!

16 Oct 2017

The nights are drawing in and the leaves are starting to fall. That only means one thing, autumn is in the air! Our favourite time of the year at Bloom Magic, the deep colours of autumn create truly beautiful bouquets that will warm the cockles of your heart and add a seasonal touch to your home. Autumn is all about deep reds, yellows and oranges colours so flowers like roses, crocuses and the beautiful, rich colours of Sahin’s Early Flower are common in autumn bouquets. Take a read below for our pick of the best flower arrangements for autumn. Whether you are creating your own centre piece or ordering from us, knowing which flowers to pick is important. All flowers are beautiful individually but don’t always look great together. Having a colour combination in mind is important. For autumn, we love putting burgundies and greens together. Channelling the deep colours found in the Scottish highlands, add a celtic touch to your home with these colours. Use deep purple heather and pair it with the dark green leaves from Lady’s Mantle. Add a Thistle for an extra Scottish touch or pale green roses for a romantic bouquet. Moving away from the purples and back to more traditional autumn colours of reds and yellows, you can create a beautiful autumnal centre piece for your dining table with just a bunch of beautiful, rich flowers in a stylish vase. Often associated with summer, sunflowers can also be a wonderful autumn flower. The Joker sunflower is one of our favourite autumn flowers with its burnt orange leaves and yellow tips. The perfect display all you need is four or five Joker Sunflowers and you have a perfect centre piece for a seasonal dinner party. Other beautiful, deep orange flowers include the Stonecrop flower. Try pairing with red berries and orange Dahlias for a beautifully autumnal bouquet. If you are looking to create a show stopping centre piece why not add some cascading Amaranthus to a high vase. These flowers come in a rich burgundy colour, perfect for autumn. If you really want to go all out, add seasonal fruit to the arrangement like apples and plums. Nothing says autumn more than falling leaves so why not add a few to your arrangement. If you are using real ones, be sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t whither too much. Create a positively Canadian piece by using deep red maple leaves or add an exotic touch with Ferns. If our blog has got you in the mood for some beautiful autumn flowers take a look at Bloom Magic’s wonderful seasonal bouquets or treat a loved one to a beautiful Autumn Leaves gift set. All of our flowers come with same day delivery on orders placed before 1pm.

05 Jul 2017

Here at Bloom Magic, we’re lucky enough to be able to have professional photographers to help us capture the beauty of our hand-tied bouquets. We like to think that this, in addition to all the little things we do, like using only fresh-cut high-quality blooms, makes for a better presentation and ensures you’ll be happy with bouquet that arrives. However, in this day and age, you’ll want to show off pics of the gorgeous bouquet you’re giving or receiving too, and you’re probably grabbing those snapshots yourself on your phone. Whilst the debate lingers amongst professional photographers as to whether you really can capture professional-quality photos on your iPhone’s camera, there’s no doubt you can up your game, so the photos you do take are share-worthy. Here are a few tips to get you started. 1. Go with Natural Lighting Natural lighting catches the colours better, especially if you can use indirect sunlight. Professional photographers swear by the magic hours of dawn and dusk because the sun isn’t harsh during these times. The light tends to feather out and create a softer look, without awkward shadows. Of course, you’re probably not going to wait for sunrise or sunset to grab your photo, so find some good natural light in the shade or wait for the sun to disappear behind a cloud just before you shoot. 2. Consider Composition Most cameras (even on cell phones) have an option to overlay the image with a grid system. This is actually designed to help you balance your photo better, according to the rule of thirds. There are many ways to use the rule of thirds, but try one or more of these types of shots, just to see what you like best: Leave the entire left or entire right third empty (your flowers will fill the other two-thirds) Place the top of the vase at the bottom third line and let the flowers overfill the rest of the frame Take a snapshot of a single bloom and have it perfectly centred or on the intersecting corners of the grid 3. Find a Solid Background Whilst some texture is ok and can even enhance a photo, less is generally more. When you’re just starting out with flower photography, try to take your shots with a solid background. If this isn’t possible, try to minimize distractions that might appear in the frame. 4. Experiment with the Angle People just starting out have the tendency to shoot photos from their natural vantage point. That’s ok, but it doesn’t always provide the best view. With a hand-tied bouquet, you may want to take a direct straightforward shot that captures the artistry of stems or a downward shot, directly over the centre of the blooms. You can also experiment with upward angles that catch more sky in the photo if you’ll be shooting outside. The only caveat with angles is to be wary of distortion. Examine the photo a bit before you shoot to make sure you’re not unintentionally exaggerating any of the flower’s features. Order Flowers Online Naturally, a great photo always starts with a good subject. At Bloom Magic, we take pride in our bouquets to ensure each is exquisitely hand-tied using only the freshest flowers, and we offer fast delivery so they arrive fresh and stay that way for an extended period of time. Order flowers online now and have them in Dublin today or anywhere else in Ireland tomorrow.   

05 Jul 2017

Sending flowers is a time-honoured tradition, but that’s not the only place they have in our culture. Flowers have made an appearance in countless songs throughout the years, and whilst many of them are true tear-jerkers, quite a few are certain to get you moving. If you want to put a bounce in your step today, check out these five songs that mention flowers. 1. "Flowers in Your Hair" by the Lumineers Although a lesser-known tune, “Flowers in Your Hair” has the quintessential Lumineers sound and flowing lyrics the band is known for. Perhaps this gem is largely overlooked because it was released on the same self-titled 2012 album as “Hey Ho” and “Stubborn Love.” When we were younger we thought Everyone was on our side. Then we grew a little, And romanticized the time I saw Flowers in your hair. Cause it takes a boy to live But it takes a man to pretend he was there. 2. “Desert Rose” by Sting The Middle-Eastern vibe captured in Sting’s “Desert Rose” didn’t quite catapult it to the top of charts, but it landed within the top 20 in several countries back in 2000. This desert rose, Each of her veils, a secret promise. This desert flower, No sweet perfume ever tortured me more than this. 3. “Wildflowers” by Tom Petty Tom Petty’s “Wildflowers” is arguably one of his most folksy songs, but it calls to mind images of fields of flowers and a carefree attitude. It was part of an album of the same name, released in 1994. Perhaps like the Lumineers song, “Wildflowers” was upstaged by “You Don't Know How It Feels,” from the same album, which hit number-one in the US and three in Canada. You belong among the wildflowers. You belong in a boat out at sea. Sail away, kill off the hours. You belong somewhere you feel free. 4. “Beautiful Flower” by India Arie Although there are many “girl power” songs on the radio nowadays, India Arie’s “Beautiful Flower” from 2007 packages her messages of empowerment in mellow-sounding neo-soul, making the vibe much different than anything else that’s out there. This is the perfect song to listen to if you’re a lady feeling down or overwhelmed with the challenges of life. Now we're moving from the darkness into the light. This is the defining moment of our lives. 'Cause you're beautiful like a flower, More valuable than a diamond. You are powerful like a fire. You can heal the world with your mind. 5. “Tigerlily” by La Roux La Roux’s 2009 hit “Bulletproof” got a lot of press, but “Tigerlily” has a similar beat that one can’t help but move to. The synthpop tune has almost a circus-style sound that’s easy to get lost in or to give you a boost as you’re getting ready to head out for the night. Well tonight out on the streets I'm gonna follow you, And tell you all about a scene that you would kill for. You're gonna love what's running right in front of you, But you won't see it by the light of the sun. Come out tigerlily, you're caressing me. Order Flowers Online for Even More Bounce Although it would be difficult not to move to these songs, music does have its limitations. If you’d like to put a bounce in your step (or someone else’s) with real flowers, visit the Bloom Magic catalogue. It hosts a little something for everyone, with same-day delivery in Dublin and next-day delivery throughout Ireland available.  

20 Jun 2017

Despite what the vast majority of romantic comedies will tell you, keeping a romantic relationship thriving is not always easy and definitely not always humorous. However, you can easily bring back the fire in any relationship, as long as you’re willing to change up your routine a bit. If your love life could use some spice, try some of these ideas. 1. Create a Tradition You can utilize tradition in several ways to fire up your relationship. Creating a tradition between you and your partner will help solidify your bond. Picking one night of the week for game night or cooking a meal together, for instance, will give each of you something to look forward to every week. It connects you to an activity and ensures that no matter how the rest of the week goes, there is always one night guaranteed for quality time together. It is also something that can withstand the test of time. 2. Offer a Grand Gesture Though romantic movies have given us many realistic expectations of how relationships should go, there is one theme in this genre that can often be just the trick you needed to rekindle your romance: the grand gesture. Holding a boombox above your head and waiting outside your husband or wife's bedroom window may seem silly to you, but take this idea of the grand gesture and apply it your own situation. Has spending quality time together been nearly impossible? Take the initiative to book a weekend away together in a private space, even if it's just a hotel down the street. Is your partner stressed at work and unable to participate in the relationship as well as before? Schedule them a surprise massage appointment. It doesn't have to be spendy or time-consuming, but it should be a pleasant surprise. 3. Learn a Love Language If something has stopped connecting for you and your partner, it can help by simply getting back to the basics of how you fit together. Start by learning your partner’s love language. The five love languages, a concept created by Gary Chapman, are ways that you and your partner show and feel love. In addition to “words of affirmation,” and “quality time,” one of the love languages is “receiving gifts.” If your partner feels most appreciated and loved when given gifts, keep this in mind. It's not about monetary value so much as it showing that you saw something, thought of them, and wanted to give it to them. Bring home your partner’s favourite old movie from a video rental, for example. Try sending romantic flowers to their front door for no occasion other than showing appreciation. Bloom Magic does same-day delivery on everything from flowers to champagne, making it easy to express this love language to your partner with just a few clicks on your computer. 4. Have an Adventure Together Have you ever noticed that couples who travel together seem to have a special bond? There's something to this that may be helpful when trying to rekindle a romance. When the passion has cooled in your relationship, heat it back up by trying a new adventure together. While traveling to the islands of Greece may be at the top of your wish list, even something smaller like a pottery class can ignite a similar kind of adrenaline and feelings of adventure. The key is to do something new, and to do it together. You will likely learn quite a bit about each other and maybe even find a new talent. Order Flowers Online From romantic red roses to opulent mixed bouquets, and lots of gifts to accompany either, Bloom Magic has something perfect for your sweetheart on hand. Order in Dublin and have your hand-tied bouquet arrive today, or take advantage of our next-day delivery and rekindle your romance anywhere in Ireland as soon as tomorrow.  

12 Jun 2017

Are you planning to send a lovely spring bouquet to a special someone? At Bloom Magic, we can certainly help with that, and can even help you top it off with little extras, like chocolates or a personal note. Of course, coming up with the right words to include can be a bit difficult at times, especially when emotions are involved. If you’re facing writer’s block, consider including one of these verses in your note or use them as inspiration and craft your own. Words of Encouragement 1. Each flower must push itself up through the dirt before bathing in the sun. May these flowers remind you of the brighter days ahead that your hard work is sure to bring. 2. Take time to stop and smell the roses- you’ve earned it! 3. A little birdy told me you were having a bad day. I hope these flowers ruin it for you. ;) 4. I couldn’t send a hug, so please consider each flower an embrace from me to you. 5. It takes both rain and sunshine to create beautiful flowers like you. Keep smiling- the best is yet to come. Thinking of You 6. Each time you look to these blooms, know that it’s another time I’m thinking of you. 7. May these flowers brighten your day just as you have brightened mine. 8. For someone as vibrant as these flowers and younger than springtime. 9. You don’t wait for a special day to be your wonderful, loving self, so I’m not waiting for a special day to send these flowers. Thank you for being you. 10. If these flowers bring you even a fraction of the joy that you bring to me, they’ve more than accomplished their goal. Love 11. How many petals are on these flowers? That’s how many reasons I have for loving you. 12. I wanted to send you the most beautiful gift I could think of, but sending you to yourself would be weird. Hopefully these flowers convey the same message, but a little less awkwardly. 13. You make my heart bloom! 14. Now that I’ve found you, it’s always springtime in my heart. 15. Goethe once wrote, “Flowers are the beautiful hieroglyphics of nature, with which she indicates how much she loves us”. May these flowers remind you of my love for you too. 16. Thank you for planting the seeds of love in my heart.   Order Spring Flowers Today Bloom Magic’s wide selection of fresh-cut hand-tied bouquets is sure to have the perfect offering for your special someone, no matter how discriminating his or her tastes may be. We carry many elegantly-designed bouquets with roses, lilies, and more, in vibrant colours designed to delight. Order your spring flowers bouquet now and have it delivered in Dublin today or anywhere in Ireland tomorrow, and be sure to check out our gifts section if you’d like to customise your gift with chocolates or something else that’s certain to brighten your recipient’s day.    

25 May 2017

Swiping left and right on various electronic devices has nearly eliminated the traditional ways of romantic dating. But, no matter how two people find themselves in the world of dating, the first date can often induce more panic than excitement. For men and women alike, there are many perceived standards for first dates, which can be both overwhelming and confusing. However, there are several key points, from flowers to location, that are sure to help in any situation. For the men wondering how to proceed, read on for the gentleman’s guide to first dates. Find the Perfect First Date Spot One of the easiest ways to ensure a successful and pleasant first date is to choose a good location. Finding the perfect first date spot means selecting a place that’s comfortable and allows for both conversation and entertainment. It’s a good idea to come up with a couple options and then check with the other person to decide together. Great options include cafes or coffee shops with live entertainment (music, poetry, talent, comedy, etc.), plays or musicals, art galleries, or even the traditional dinner and a movie. Each of these options allows for conversation but still provides some entertainment for each of you during any uncomfortable silences. If you run out of things to say, simply comment on your surroundings. Remember that you will be spending most, if not all, of your evening at this location. Make it a good one. Make a Good First Impression After you’ve decided on the perfect location for your date, keep in mind that first impressions are lasting impressions. There are several things to remember when getting ready to meet your date. Be Early: Whether you are meeting your date at the location or driving the both of you there, make sure to be prompt. It is always better to be too early than just a minute late. Being early shows your date that you have prioritized this time with them. And who doesn’t love feeling like a priority? Dress to Impress: Just like it’s better to be too early than late, it’s almost always better to be overdressed than underdressed. However, when picking out an outfit, keep in mind the atmosphere of your evening ahead. A business suit would not make much sense for a night of mini golf, for instance. But even if it’s casual, err on the dressier side. If your instinct is to go for jeans and a T-shirt, try jeans and a button down with loafers instead of running shoes. Come Bearing Gifts: A token of appreciation goes a long way. Showing up to a first date with a gift in hand is not only sweet and generous, but it shows your romantic side. Flowers are always a great choice for showing that you care. Lilies are beautiful yet understated, perfect for a casual outing or lunch date. Red roses are a great option no matter what; roses are a classic symbol of romance and you can customize them to your date by opting for pink or white petals. The more thought you put into your gesture, the more it will be appreciated! Follow Up Gracefully The end of the date is just as important as the beginning. When the date is over and you are about to part ways, be sure to thank the person you spent your time with. This is important whether or not you had chemistry. Saying a sincere thanks shows good character and even better manners. If you had a wonderful time and would like to see them again, consider sending a thank you to your date in the days following. If you happen to know their place of employment, imagine the delight your date will feel when surprised with a beautiful bouquet at work. Add a personal touch by remembering a detail from the first date. Did you learn her favorite color? Send a bouquet in that color scheme. Did they mention an upcoming stressor at work or in their personal life? Send a thoughtful gift to show your support. Order Flowers Online from Bloom Magic If you’re preparing for a first date and feeling nervous, remember these crucial points. A gentleman finds the perfect date spot, makes a good first impression, and follows up with sincerity and grace after the date. If you get this down pat, the rest should come easy to you. For more inspiration for flowers or gifts, explore our wide selection of romantic flowers. Happy dating!  

25 May 2017

Are you or is someone you know celebrating a May birthday? It turns out, people born this month are luckier than those born at any other time of the year, or at least they seem to think so, according to research conducted by a professor at the University of Hertfordshire. Maybe it’s just the beautiful weather and sun that makes these individuals more optimistic and resilient, or perhaps they really are luckier than everyone else. Here’s a quick look at six more things that set people with May birthdays apart from the rest of us. 1. People with May Birthdays Could Be a Taurus or a Gemini According to astrology, people born during the first half of the month- up until May 20- are considered a Taurus, while those born after that are a Gemini. These signs are associated with markedly different traits. For example, the ruling planet for a Taurus is Venus, which draws these folks to beauty. They’re also known for being very organized and orderly. On the other hand, a Gemini (twin) is ruled by Mercury, which makes him or her a natural communicator (aka chatterbox). Geminis are also known for being adventurous, worldly, and a bit eclectic. 2. Their Birthstone is the Emerald Often thought of as a symbol of success, the emerald is the official birthstone of May. Some people also consider the emerald to represent love or luck. 3. Their Birth Month Flower is the Lily Although some sources get so specific as to note the May birth flower as Lily of the Valley, most agree any type of lily is appropriate. Opt for a white lily to denote purity or go for a pink stargazer to represent prosperity. 4. A Disproportionate Number of Brilliant and Beautiful People Have May Birthdays If you’re a believer in astrology, this can be explained easily by their star signs. If not, you can at least appreciate that the month has a lineup of pretty impressive birthdays. George Lucas (director), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder), Karl Marx (philosopher), and Sigmund Freud (psychologist) were all born under the sign of Taurus. Some of their Gemini cohorts include Queen Victoria, Bob Dylan (singer), Joan Collins (actress/ author), Colin Farrell (actor). 5. A Taurus is Likely to Appreciate an Educational Gift or Indulgence People born at the start of the month will probably like a gift that either helps them keep up appearances or brings them knowledge. 6. A Gemini Will Probably Prefer Something to Make a Statement Because Gemini folks are highly conversational, they tend to gravitate to items that will let them start a conversation, or better yet, will encourage someone to come chat them up. Order the Perfect May Birthday Flowers Whether you’d like to select from a wide array of exquisite birthday flowers or want a beautiful hand-tied bouquet that includes the May birth flower lily, you’re certain to find something suitable at Bloom Magic. Take advantage of our same-day delivery in Dublin or next-day delivery throughout Ireland and have the ideal birthday gift arrive exactly when you need it to.  

08 May 2017

Every year, the Pantone Color Institute selects a colour to highlight. The choice is intended to be indicative of global happenings, culture shifts, or to capture the general vibe of the times. Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s executive director says this year’s hue will “provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. That’s a pretty tall order for a colour, but it all comes together when she adds that it “symbolizes the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.” What hue could do all this? “Greenery,” of course. The colour of new beginnings, spring, and life. 1. Incorporate Glass and Vases Although glass may not exactly be earthy, recycling it can be. Whether you collect your own bottles or scour the shelves for some, they’re easy to find and incorporate. Plus, you’re sure to find many uses for them. Arrange them alone, use them as candle holders, full them with treats, or place them on window ledges and let the sunlight carry the greenery throughout your home. 2. Dress Up Your Throw Pillows and Other Textiles One of the wonderful things about greenery is that it flows beautifully with so many colour schemes.  The Pantone site pairs it with other earth tones, as well as pastels, some bolder hues, and even last year’s colours; “rose quartz” and “serenity.” Because it’s so versatile, you can layer it on top of most existing décor, without having to change out other elements. Pick up a throw blanket or some pillows to pull the colour through the room. Keep in mind, you don’t need to use solids. With a keen eye, you’re sure to find greenery in all sorts of patterns and in combination with the other colours of your home. 3. Create a Welcoming Entryway Supposedly, painting your front door green is a sign that you have traditional values. If you opt to incorporate greenery in a permanent fashion such as this, make sure you’re comparing the undertones of the shades, so they work together well. If you’re not a natural colour-matching pro, compare the other colours of your home to those on Pantone’s colour family charts. 4. Add Some Painted Accents Design specialists have worked greenery into all sorts of things, from mirror frames, to wall accents, chairs, and even the bottoms of bathroom sinks. If you’ve got a room that feels like it could use a little warmth, pick up a small can of paint and give it a try. 5. Order a Fresh-Cut Bouquet Ordering flowers online is by far the easiest way to bring greenery into a space. All our hand-tied bouquets have a bit of it naturally, exactly as the colour intends to be used. If you’d like to try something somewhat off the beaten path, check out our Californian Collection. A few have succulents included, offering up even more of the shade than traditional blooms normally do. Order now and take advantage of our next-day delivery throughout Ireland or get same-day delivery in Dublin.  

06 Apr 2017

4 Inspiration Rooms to Help You Prepare for Easter At long last, the dreary days of winter are fading behind us and the earth is coming back to life. Flowers are in bloom, birds are singing, and the temperatures are fairly comfortable again. With Easter close at hand, it gives us all a chance to bring some of the freshness in and add pops of colour to our homes too. Whether you’re planning a traditional family Easter dinner or a fun day for the kids, a bit of holiday décor is sure to add to the festivities, but where to start? Here’s a look at four unique inspiration rooms to help you craft your own perfect holiday. 1. Contemporary with a Touch of Country Charm There are as many ways to do up an Easter tree as there are ways to decorate eggs. This particular one is suitable to accompany contemporary design, draped with a handful of delicately-coloured eggs and topped off with dainty white flowers. The yellow boxes on each plate add just the right amount of contrast without overpowering the calming display. For an easy DIY, regular branches can be used inside a vase or ceramic jug, to create a look similar to the one pictured here.   2. Vintage Greens Tasteful pops of green help this display flow beautifully together. This design also has a tiny splash of yellow in the nest, brightening up the room. Crisp white tulips, the quintessential bloom of spring, serve as a centrepiece. This type of setup would be perfect for brunch and will still be suitable for the season even after Easter passes, with just a few minor adjustments.   3. Rustic Chic White tulips are tucked away in this rustic chic display as well. Like the others, white ceramics make and appearance too, but that’s where the similarities stop. This one is all about earthy elements, such as the garland, wreath, and spheres. The wood elements add texture and help make this scene feel more like an emerging spring than the season in full swing.   4. Fun, Sweet, and Bright If you’re the DIY type, don’t hesitate to dress up your space with a custom vase. To create the look seen here, stack two vases together, with the flowers and water in the innermost vase. Then, carefully arrange objects in the space between the two vases. With this one, it looks like they’ve used cereal and gumballs, but jellybeans, coloured eggs, Easter grass, and even real carrots can all create visual interest.   Order Easter Flowers Online If an Easter bouquet will be part of your décor or you’d like to send one to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them this Easter, our Spring Flowers are appropriate. Vibrant tulips in many colours are also on hand, both with same-day delivery in Dublin and next-day delivery throughout Ireland available. Order flowers online now and your hand-tied bouquet will arrive in perfect time for the holiday.

27 Mar 2017

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, no doubt you’re looking for ways to show Mum that you’re thankful for all she’s done. If you’re past the stage where giving her breakfast in bed or letting her sleep in are enough to blow her away with your thoughtfulness, consider these nine ideas. 1. Listen to What She Needs Done (and do it) Has she mentioned that there’s something on her to-do list that she never seems to get to? Whether it’s lawn care or getting things put up in the attic, give her a few hours of your time and make sure it gets done right. 2. Get Her Out of the House Take her out to lunch, the movies, or whatever her preferred activity is. But try to make it a little more special than an average outing and give her the opportunity to get dolled up a bit. 3. Pamper Her Purchase time with a masseuse or at the spa. If you’re not sure what she’ll prefer, get a general gift card that can be used for anything. 4. Create a Scrapbook Even if you’re not super crafty, you can still create a scrapbook. Gather up some of your favourite images and piece them together by hand or opt for a digital variety. 5. Write to Her Mums are undeniably sentimental, even when they try to keep a stiff upper lip. Spend some time writing out a thoughtful letter that tells her what you appreciate about her the most. 6. Donate in Her Name If your mom has everything she could ever want, consider making a donation in her name to her favourite charity. If you’re not sure which one she’d prefer, you can ask or propose a few you think she’d like. 7. Treat Her and Her Friends Does your mom like to host? Give her all the glory of hosting a gathering for her friends, without doing any of the work. Take care of setting up, the food, the entertainment, and anything else she usually does, so she’s free to focus on her guests. 8. Give Her a Tech Guide If you mum is struggling to use new technology, be it a phone, computer program, or even the DVR, write her a no-nonsense guide that teaches her how to use the features she’ll want to use the most. Don’t be surprised if she asks you to make them for the other gadgets around the house too. 9. Send Flowers Blooms are the traditional Mother’s Day gift. When you send Mother’s day flowers from Bloom Magic, you can be sure your Mum will be able to enjoy them for a full week. Plus, we offer same-day flower delivery Dublin and next-day flower delivery Ireland, so it will always appear as if you put lots of thought and consideration into your gift, even if you didn’t order until a day or so before the big day. Search by type of flower or check out our wide selection of Mother’s Day flowers now.

27 Mar 2017

For 2017, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, March 26. This is a day in which we traditionally honour our mums, grandmothers, or any other special woman in our lives who has rolled up her sleeves and taken on a maternal role. Flowers are the quintessential way to celebrate all mum has done these years and brighten her day. If you’re considering flower delivery in Dublin this year, check out these top six picks for the holiday. 1. Lilies As a group, lilies are often considered some of the most elegant blooms in existence, though there are actually many types of them and each one has a different meaning.  For example, the day lily represents motherhood to the Chinese, and most any white lily is considered a symbol of majesty or purity. Lilies are a fantastic choice if your mum carries a sort of elegance about her, without coming across as overly proper. 2. Orchids Luxurious and feminine, orchids have numerous ties to motherhood. For the ancient Greeks, the orchid could determine if a mother would carry a boy or girl. If the father hoped for a boy, he was to eat thick and hearty orchid tubers. If the mother wanted a girl, she was to eat small ones. For the Chinese, orchids simply referred to having many children. Go for white to symbolize reverence, pink for joy and/or femininity, or purple as a sign of admiration. 3. Roses Most women love roses, and they can mean much more than romance. If you’re buying for mum, go with a deep pink, to show you appreciate all she’s done for you, use white for the brightness and purity of her spirit, or select yellow to represent her caring and kind nature. 4. Tulips Tulips are the pure embodiment of spring, which is why they’re commonly given to mums who spread cheer and have a lot of energy. Pink typically denotes affection, whilst white is for purity. 5. Gerberas Gerberas are probably the most joyful blooms of all. As voluminous daisies, they come in almost every colour imaginable too. They represent cheer, purity, and innocence, generally speaking, though white sends a clear message of purity and orange represents the sun, essentially saying “You are my sunshine.” 6. Carnations Like gerberas, carnations come in all sorts of colours and their full, almost fluffy blooms, are often thought of as a symbol of love or beauty. However, there is sometimes a myth associated with them, that they grew from Mary’s tears after Jesus’ death. Which is why they’re often tied in with Mothering Sunday. Flower Delivery Ireland: Send Mother’s Day Blooms Whether you’re shopping for your mum, wife, grandmother, or other special lady in your life, Bloom Magic has something ideal. Select one of the blooms we’ve mentioned here, choose her favourite flower, or browse our dedicated Mother’s Day section, and you’ll find gorgeous hand-tied bouquets for every taste and style. We order same-day flower delivery Dublin and next-day flower delivery Ireland, though we recommend you choose your Mother’s Day flowers early, so you can be sure you get your top pick.

09 Mar 2017

Whilst we focus on flower delivery Ireland, and St. Patrick’s Day is certainly one of the busier days, there are a lot of other activities going on as well. Here in Dublin, St. Paddy’s Day goes from March 16 through the 19, and is packed with music, history, art, and more. Whether you’re a local or are visiting to see how the Irish really spend the holiday, these four events are worth adding to your itinerary. 1. In the Footsteps of St. Patrick- Walking Tour (Thursday 16- Sunday 19) Think you know all the important locations and full history of St. Patrick? Think again. On the Footsteps of St. Patrick Tour, author and historian Pat Liddy explores some of the oft untold history and lore behind St. Patrick. The tour includes various sites around Dublin and covers many places even local miss, as well as visits to both cathedrals and admittance into St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The tour is offered twice a day from the 16-19, but space is expected to fill up fast. Go to for more information. 2. The Parade (Friday 3/17) On St. Paddy’s Day proper, city centre comes alive with a massive parade. There is lots of music, dancing, pageantry, performances, and just about everything one might imagine. Bands are coming in from across the globe to participate. The event is totally free and the parade starts at Parnell Square. 3. Festival Treasure Hunt (Saturday 3/18) If you are a natural pioneer, you’ll love the city’s treasure hunt this year. The theme is “explorers” and prizes will be awarded for the teams who have the best costumes as well as those who complete the map first. A shorter hunt is available for kids, though the teen/adult version takes just shy of two hours. Participants travel throughout Dublin on foot, answer questions, and collect stamps from businesses for a chance to win adventure-related prizes, such as free admission to Carlingford Adventure Centre. It’s free to participate, but this is only held once on the morning of the 18th and registration is required. 4. Big Day Out (Sunday 3/19) The final day of Dublin’s festival has a bit of everything. The “Big Day Out” is held in Merrion Square and offers music, dancing, entertainment, workshops, and everything one might expect from a street carnival. Barren Carrousel will also be performing, offering up aerial antics and stunts. Admission to the Big Day Out is free. Celebrate with Flower Delivery Dublin Specializing in flower delivery Ireland, Bloom Magic offers a wealth of premium hand-tied bouquets appropriate to brighten anyone’s St. Paddy’s Day or to serve as an attractive centrepiece for your celebration. We offer same-day flower delivery Dublin and next-day delivery throughout Ireland, so it’s easy to get your bouquet out exactly when you need it. Shop our selection now.

08 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day has become too female-centric as every item that could be correlated with the Holiday often revolve around “looking for gifts for girlfriends and wives.” What about the men, this time?   This is the Holiday where people are romantically spoiled, especially the women, as they are showered with gifts that span from sexy lingerie to luxurious flowers. What does the male get aside from the satisfaction of seeing his woman happy?   It’s about time to return the favor. First, you have to ask yourself, “What does my man want?” or “What can I get him that would surprise the heck out of him?”   1.    Beer Case All men love a good bottle of beer. How much more with a full beer case? This beer case would allow your man to enjoy different kinds of beer, and he could even invite his friends to come over so they could enjoy the drink together.   2.       Shoes Men are very particular with the shoes they wear. Apparently, with their clothes, the shoes are the most stylish part of their outfit. Whether they be rubber shoes, basketball shoes, or your simple leather shoes, your man will certainly love that new pair of kicks.   3.       Watch A nice watch may be a good choice to give as a gift to your man. Out of all the accessories, watches are what fit a man the most. In addition to that, men look infinitely better when they wear a watch because it makes them look classy. Given the right watch, your man might as well just have all the time in the world for you.   4.       Flowers This is a rather unusual choice to give to a man, but it actually works! Different kinds of flowers mean different things, and this is a rather awkwardly sweet gift to your man. There is bound to be a flower that would mean something to the both of you, such as the kind of flowers he first gave you. It might as well be the right time to return that gesture.   5.   Whisky A good man loves a bottle of whisky every now and then. Sometimes, men get a lot stressed at work, and would want to relax. A glass of whisky would just do the trick. If you give him that whisky, you’ll be sure to help him in his every endeavor, and he will see this as a rather thoughtful gesture. You might as well have a drink or two with him, and enjoy the rest of the night away. Indeed, giving a gift to your man is not that hard. Men do not like to overcomplicate things, and they like to keep it simple. We wish you the best in your search for the perfect gift. You can contact us should you have any more questions though. Enjoy Valentine’s Day!

03 Feb 2017

Ordering Valentine’s Day flowers is a time-honoured tradition. It provides a simple way to show someone you care, convey emotions, or leave them absolutely astounded. But, that begs the questions, “What is this Valentine’s Day business anyway, and why do we do anything at all?” The Original Valentine’s Day was a Fertility Festival Like many of today’s holidays, the original was part of a Pagan festival. Initially called Februa by the Romans, and celebrated on the 13-15 of February, then later evolving into the Feast of Lupercalia, celebrated on February 15, the overall goal of the event was to purify the city. The Feast of Lupercalia, however, also involved fertility rituals. Sparing the gory details, men would don goatskins and run through the town. Women who wanted to become pregnant, as well as pregnant women who wanted to be granted an easy labour, would stand in their way and present their hands, to be whipped by goatskin straps as the men passed. There are actually references to Lupercalia in Shakespeare's “Julius Caesar.”   “Forget not, in your speed, Antonius, o touch Calpurnia; for our elders say, the barren touched in this holy chase, shake off their sterile curse,” Caesar cautions Mark Antony. During the funeral speech after Caesar’s assassination, Antony refers to the celebration by name: “You all did see that on the Lupercal, I thrice presented him a kingly crown…” In addition to the street whippings, the Feast of Lupercalia, also involved a matchmaking ceremony of sorts. Men would draw a woman’s name from a jar and the two would be paired up for the duration of the event, or perhaps longer if they wished. Modern Valentine’s Day Celebrates an Outlaw Not surprisingly, Pope Gelasius I took issue with this and decided to squash the debauchery of the Feast of Lupercalia, and created a new holiday in 496 AD. The new holiday would be called Valentine’s Day, after a martyr who sacrificed his life for love, as legend has it. There are actually a few Saint Valentines, so it’s difficult to pinpoint which one the story pays homage to, but the general story is that Claudius Gothicus, also known as Emperor Claudius I of Rome, who reigned from September 268 to January 270, had a difficult time getting soldiers to fight for him. Instead, they wanted to stay home with their families and wives. The emperor, not wanting to stall out his inquisitions, banned marriage in order to encourage more men to sign up to fight. Valentine was not ok with this, so he continued to perform marriage services in secret. Only, they weren’t as secret as Valentine had hoped and the emperor ordered him to be executed. While imprisoned, Valentine either befriended or romanced the jailer’s daughter. Just prior to his execution, he sent her a letter, signed “Your Valentine.” Chaucer and Shakespeare Made it Romantic Up until the middle ages, Valentine’s Day had gone from a drunken melee to honouring a saint; a fairly drastic change, but it still did not come close to representing what we have today. We can thank Geoffrey Chaucer for his late 1370s poem, “The Parliament of Fowls,” for giving it a wee bit of romance.   …For this was on seynt Valentynes day, Whan every foul cometh ther to chese his make…   Shakespeare also mentions the holiday in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Hamlet,” which are estimated to have been written in the 1590s.   To-morrow is Saint Valentine's day, All in the morning betime, And I a maid at your window, To be your Valentine.   Once Shakespeare got a hold of the romantic concept of Valentine’s Day, the idea really caught fire. People throughout Europe began handcrafting Valentines at home to give to their beloved, followed shortly by little trinkets of their affection. By the time Hallmark started mass-producing Valentine’s cards in 1913, the fate of the day was set in stone. Looking for Valentine’s Day Flowers? If you’re looking for an “authentic” Valentine’s Day gift, you’re out of luck. We do not carry straps made of goatskin. That’s probably for the best, though, as it’s doubtful it’ll win you any points with your beloved that way these days. On the bright side, we do, however, offer stunning hand-tied bouquets, certain to take her breath away (in a good way), as well as same-day flower delivery in Dublin and next-day delivery throughout Ireland. View our Valentine’s Day flowers now, and rest assured a lavish gift will arrive in time for the holiday.  

23 Jan 2017

You get a gorgeous bouquet and you’re excited. You put it on display, snap your Instagram photo of it, and have just earned yourself some major bragging rights. But, within a day or so, it starts looking sad. The stems are bending over. The blooms are wilted. There’s a mass of leaves and petals around the vase. What gives? Flowers should last for several days and in many cases, a full week. Did you kill it or was it DOA? Here’s a few things to check to see if it’s you and how to prevent it. 1. You’re Waiting Too Long to Put Them in Water Your flowers are thirsty when they make their way to you. They’ve likely been without water for a few hours and they need a drink as soon as possible. 2. You’re Not Cutting the Stems Stems work a lot like straws. The ends have to be freshly cut so they can sip properly. It’s also important to cut them at a slight angle to ensure the bottoms don’t rest on the bottom of the vase- it’s hard for them to soak up water that way. 3. You’re Cutting the Stems Vertically Somewhere along the line, word was spread that cutting the stems vertically gave flowers more area to drink from. It doesn’t help, but it can damage the cell structure. 4. You’re Untying Them Premium florists often make hand-tied bouquets. This is a special way of arranging them so that they hold their shape even out of a vase. It looks beautiful, but it also gives the flowers some breathing room so they last longer. If you receive a hand-tied bouquet, you can remove ribbons and other embellishments, but don’t untie it. 5. You Aren’t Using the Food that Came with Them Most florists send along a little packed of “food” for the flowers. The packets have all sorts of things in them that keep the water clean and help your bouquet drink, which can extend the life of your flowers by several days. 6. You Aren’t Pruning To keep your flowers looking their best, you’ll need to make sure there are never any leaves below the water line and that all withering leaves and petals are removed. 7. You’re Using a Dirty Vase Flowers are very sensitive to their environment. Even if the vase you’re using has been in storage and looks clean, you should still wash it and make sure it’s thoroughly rinsed before putting flowers in it. 8. You’re Not Changing the Water Enough Generally speaking, you should change the water out every three days or so, but you should also do it earlier if the water becomes cloudy. When you change the water, be sure to trim the stems a bit and purine the flowers again. 9. You’re Keeping Your Bouquet Where it isn’t Happy Flowers are affected by their environment. They don’t like being too hot or too cold. They don’t like drafts and can get scorched with direct sunlight. The air around them can also cause them to wither. Produce gives off gas as it ripens, which can do a number on your flowers, and cigarette smoke will fatigue them fast. 10. Your Flowers Didn’t Come From an experienced Florist The best florists and flower delivery services will make sure that you’re getting the freshest possible blooms and that they’ve been taken care of properly up until the bouquet gets delivered. Although you can’t change this, and you probably shouldn’t mention poor quality to the person who gave you the gift, it wouldn’t hurt to drop a few hints at a later date or mention the name of a florist you know offers better bouquets.

17 Jan 2017

Almost every little girl dreams of having a magical wedding, complete with a flowing white dress, a luxurious cake, and of course, gorgeous wedding flowers. Some celebrities, with their larger-than-life nuptials, have really raised the bar on fairy tale weddings and their choices in wedding flowers… well, there are no words to describe their beauty. Take a look at three of our favourites throughout history. 1. Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are arguably one of the cutest couples to have ever graced the red carpet. They don’t often showcase their private lives since getting together in 2011, but the little glimpses we get to see are adorable. Their latest “spat” made headline news because Ryan accidentally let the gender of their second child slip publicly. Not to worry; Ryan made it up to Blake by stopping by her favourite bakery for cookies, which Blake then posted to Instagram with the caption #IfYoureABirdImABird. Their wedding was every bit as sweet as their relationship. Blake opted for pale pinks; pink jasmine, andromeda, blushing bride hydrangea, and dusty miller, with some petals dressed in rose-gold glitter to match the accents on her gown. 2. Kate Middleton and Prince William The wedding that will easily be talked about and fawned upon for the next 100 years or so belongs to that of the Duchess and Prince. Their ceremony was undeniably regal, plucked from the pages of a storybook. Rumours about the couple constantly stream through the media and it’s now believed that they are indeed expecting their third child. Perhaps the secret to their success is the myrtle that was carefully tucked away in her bouquet, as it represents hope and love. Hornbeams, which signify resilience, as well as field maples for humility and reserve were also interspersed, but the main bloom was lily of the valley, for trustworthiness. The Duchess’ wedding flowers were not only elegantly understated, but were thoughtfully plucked locally using only spring flowers. 3. Lady Mary Charteris and Robie Furze When socialite and model Lady Mary Charteris wed rocker Robie Furze, most people expected the day to be far from conventional. Indeed, people still remark today about how guests partied so hard that the bride and groom lost their bed to attendees who couldn’t go home that night and Lady Mary continues to make lists for having one of the ugliest wedding dresses of all time. Even still, her bouquet of wild blooms looked absolutely stunning, pieced together with shades of lavender and white. If her florist had chosen her dress, she might have made the best-dressed list, but at the very least, she can claim that she has a style all her own and that her special day held true to it. There are so many styles of wedding flowers to choose from and it’s wonderful that each of these brides selected something that was befitting of her personality and style. From graceful, to elegant, and even unbridled, these three bouquets offer a world of inspiration and memories we won’t soon forget.   Aside from the bridal party bouquets and church and venue flowers it’s important to also consider thank you bouquets for other important guests such as mothers of the bride and groom and grandparents for example.   Image credits to

09 Jan 2017

For as long as we can trace civilisation back, people have had a fascination with flowers. We’ve used them to decorate our spaces, dye our clothes, paint our faces, as medicine, for food, and have assigned each one a special meaning. It’s no surprise, then, that flowers can play a major role in feng shui as well. Background of Feng Shui The concept of feng shui dates back some 3,000 years and is based on the concepts of Taoism. In short, everything is alive and has its own energy, referred to as Chi. Through feng shui, we learn how to create balance and harmony in order to bring about good luck or positive energy. At its core, we can create harmony by balancing the five elements around us; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Understanding the Elements Each of the elements is associated with specific colours and meanings.   Wood: Wood represents spring and the beginning of life. The colours associated with it are greens and browns.   Fire: Red is naturally associated with fire, as is purple. Its season is summer and it often represents courtesy, understanding, or recognition.   Earth: Oranges and yellows are the colours associated with earth. It’s the element of calmness and reliability.   Metal: Withdrawal and reversal are associated with metal. Its colours are silvers, greys, and whites and its season is Autumn.   Water: Water is the element of winter, represented by blues and black. It can refer to wisdom or communication. Utilising the Colour Charts to Create Balance Feng shui colour charts can be used to help create balance, as each element can either counter or “destruct” the forces of another or it can “create” an environment in which a specific element thrives. For example, if you look at the colour chart and locate fire at the top and metal near the lower right, the downward arrows indicate that fire counters the forces of metal.   Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you’re in a room covered entirely in slate grey. It feels cold and barren, doesn’t it? Now, close your eyes again, but imagine purple accents throughout the room. That softens it quite a bit, doesn’t it?   Greys and whites might normally signify withdrawal, but fire balances it out and it no longer has the same feeling. The same can be done with the flowers you select for your home. Most of us have a white room in our homes, but it is a colour of metal and is cold. It causes people to pull back. Again, we can add fire colours to create harmony and bring energy back into the space or counter the feeling- create an inviting space- by adding wood colours such as green or brown. Feng Shui Meanings of Flowers Certain flowers also have their own meanings in feng shui.   Cherry Blossoms: Innocence, new beginnings, and health.   Lotus: Health and harmony.   Narcissus: Career.   Orchid: Beauty and fertility.   Peony: Romance and love.   Nowadays, it’s easy to find quality flowers online and locate something befitting of your space. Try applying the principles of feng shui next time you shop for flowers and see if you can create balance or cultivate the type of atmosphere that appeals most to you.

21 Dec 2016

If you’re down to the wire and still trying to figure out what to get your significant other, don’t worry. There is still plenty of time to find the right gift, whether you’re considering ordering flowers online or want something else to go along with it. Here are five romantic gift ideas, sure to bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face. 1. Time Your time may not cost anything, but it’s by far one of the most valuable things you have to offer. Whether you use it to create something, knock out an item from the honey-do list, or put together a coupon book of things for him or her to cash in on in the future (childcare, a backrub, etc.), your time can be the best gift ever if used wisely. 2. An Experience If you have time and cash to spare, treat your beloved to a special outing. Head to the movies, a spa, a concert, a wine tour, or even a nice weekend away. If you see to all the details in advance, so your significant other can just go along for the ride, it’s sure to be appreciated and remembered forever. The quiet time right after the holidays will also allow both of you to relax and reconnect. 3. Nostalgia Think back to the last time your significant other shared a pleasant memory with you. See if it’s something you can build upon. Was it a childhood toy? There’s still time to find a duplicate. Was it a cherished vacation? You can book a similar one or pick up items to bring back memories of it. If you’re not sure, do a little detective work now and find out. 4. Luxury Did your sweetheart come across something in the past year but couldn’t quite justify the cost of? Now’s the time to let them indulge a bit. For some people, luxury is the occasional cup of gourmet coffee, whilst others have eyes drawn to more extravagant trinkets. If it’s within your means to pick it up, do so. It’s not necessarily the cost of the item that gets attention here; it’s the fact that you noticed what was important and cared enough to indulge them. 5. Anything Personalized The best gift stories always involve items that were chosen for a specific reason or because they symbolize something. Even something as simple as a keyring with a significant date or geo coordinates engraved can be special. Photo frames or collages with the two of you and family are always a win. Think of what matters most to your significant other and incorporate it into your gift. Don’t Forget the Flowers Flowers are one of the most romantic gifts you could possibly purchase and you can still order them in time for the holiday. Browse our Christmas Collection or shop for romantic flowers. Our carefully curated collection has unique offerings to suit any taste and is sure to create a lasting memory. If you want to go the extra mile or miss the cut-off for delivery, check out our new flower subscription service. You can pre-order flowers to arrive every week, fortnight, or month and choose the duration that works best for you.

09 Dec 2016

The holidays are upon us. If your home isn’t ready just yet, that’s ok. There are lots of ways you can get your house ready for the festive season and you’ve got plenty of time to pull it off. Here are ten simple ways to bring a little merry into your home for the holiday season. 1. Go for the Glitter The holidays are just about the only time of year you can cover your house from top to bottom with things that glitter and not get odd looks from visitors. Live it up. Whether you like regular glitter décor or have a taste for crystal, dress the house in sparkle. 2. Light Some Luminaries Candles create ambiance and feel festive at the same time. If it’s safe to do so, line hallways and rooms with candles. If you’re worried about wee ones or pets getting into them, opt for simple centrepieces or a fireplace display. 3. Bring the Outdoors In Whenever possible, try to incorporate natural elements into your display. A real Christmas wreath made from fresh winter foliage is a great way to bring the fresh scent of Christmas in your home. Pine is the traditional choice, but preserved boxwood looks lovely too. Top it off with pinecones and berries. 4. Create a Crafty Card Display Displaying the Christmas cards you receive is a nice way to honour the sender, will make you smile every time you pass it, and creates festive visual interest. Whether you opt for something ornate or simply string them up across an entry or bare wall, they’re sure to make your home merry. 5. Invent an Advent Calendar Traditional advent calendars are fun for the whole family. You can purchase basic chocolate-filled boxes or make your own countdown. 6. Brighten the Tree Although you’re probably not going to forget to add lights to the tree, try following the advice of the pros this year. Rather than wrapping the strings around the tree in a circular fashion, work from the top down, covering one vertical section at a time. This makes it much simpler to get them on (and off later!), plus it gives you excellent coverage and allows you to tuck away the cords easier. 7. Warm Up the Guest Rooms If you’re expecting houseguests this year, make sure their rooms feel inviting. You can do little things, like adding a reading lamp and books or piling on some super thick blankets, to make it an extra cosy retreat. 8. Delight in DIY If you enjoy any kind of DIY, now’s the time to do it. Turn up some holiday tunes, bring the family together, and build a gingerbread house or handcraft some decorations. Your project won’t last forever, but the memories are sure to. 9. Carry Out a Safety Check Although safety checks aren’t exactly festive, they’re an important part of ensuring the holiday is fun for everyone. Electrical items (especially light strings and plugs) should all be checked. If you’re expecting anyone who is elderly, make sure there aren’t any rugs that can roll up or other tripping hazards. Spend some time cleaning out the oven, so you don’t wind up with an emergency. It’s also a good idea to try to look at things from a child’s vantage point if you’re expecting any wee ones. 10. Freshen Up with Flowers Fresh-cut flowers can liven up a room and bring smiles to everyone who sees them. Use flowers as your centrepiece or add them to the entryway. You can also place them in the guest rooms as a thoughtful gesture. We offer free same-day delivery in Dublin and next-day delivery throughout Ireland, so you can order at the last moment and still have a lovely display. Browse our Christmas collection and select your bouquets today.

05 Dec 2016

Perhaps it’s because they remind us of spring or simply because they bring a bit of nature indoors when we’d much rather be sipping cocoa by the fireplace than outside, but for whatever reason, flowers have always been a big part of Christmas décor. A lavish bouquet is the perfect centrepiece for your holiday dinner and is a welcome thank-you gift for the hostess, but you can do so much more than that. Add Dried or Fresh Flowers to Your Tree Trees are already a natural element, so adding flowers to yours can produce gorgeous results. Many decorators are simply interspersing blooms wherever they seem to fit, but you can add them in a pattern that wraps around the tree too. Opt for fresh blooms and add them to your tree just prior to your holiday party or obtain individual water vials to help them last a few days. Conversely, you can dry them so they last all season. For more information on the latter, check out our tutorial on how to preserve your bouquet. Don’t forget to do up your garlands and a wreath to match, so the freshness can be spread throughout the house. Image Link: Image Link: Get Crafty- DIY Style There are a lot of fun crafts you can do with flowers. The carnation snowman is an enjoyable and simple one to do and all you’ll need are a few foam spheres, a couple dozen white carnations, any embellishments you wish to add, and a hot glue gun to attach them. If you go for fresh blooms on this one, you can soak the foam with water in advance so the carnations can drink some. Frosty will melt hearts, whether you keep him for yourself or give him away as a gift. Image Link: Wrap Gifts Rustically For a beautiful rustic look, wrap your gifts in brown paper and string. Just before you deliver the presents, tuck a few blooms under the strap. Image Link: Be Festive with Vases It’s easy to make any bouquet a beautiful holiday centrepiece by adding a few extra touches. Wrap candy canes or cinnamon sticks around the outside of a vase. Use small votive holders for individual flowers and candles across the centre of the table. Stack two vases together and layer the outer one with ornaments. Image Link: Quick Tips to Pull it All Together 1. Carry your theme through the main areas of your home. 2. Focus on areas that get the most traffic, like the entry, tree, and table. 3. Experiment with colour. Nothing says you have to use traditional holiday hues. 4. Choose fresh blooms from a quality florist, so they last longer. Order Christmas Flowers Today At Bloom Magic, we use only high-quality fresh-cut blooms in our hand-tied bouquets. We also offer free same-day delivery in Dublin and next-day delivery all over Ireland, so it’s easy to ensure your order arrives right when you need it to, whether you’re sending them as a gift or using them to dress up your home for the holidays. For more information on the blooms we offer, view our Christmas flowers now.

22 Nov 2016

Gorgeous flowing gardens, ancient gothic architecture, bubbling champagne, stunning crystal, and sumptuous fabrics; these are the things that come to mind when thinking of a city that’s name is synonymous with romance. Of course, these are only the physical manifestations of amore that beckon to lovers young and old, for anyone who has ever visited the city knows that passion is carried through in everything Parisians do. Desire is ingrained within the city walls themselves and by extension, nearly anything we can think of that hails from Paris exudes the very same air of romance. It’s no wonder, then, that for Bloom Magic’s newest collection, our designers turned their eyes to Paris and instantly fell in love with luxurious hatbox blooms. For Someone with a Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi Bloom Magic has always focused on quality and outstanding service. Our dedication to creating lasting memories can be seen in the freshness of the flowers we select, the artistry of each bouquet’s hand-tied presentation, and in the mindful arrangements custom crafted for each of our collections, yet we also know that even premium bouquets have trouble matching the beauty, grace, and charisma of certain people. For these very special people, and the moments that call for something truly grand, we have created our luxurious Parisian Collection. Our regal matte-black, elegant pearl white, dreamy powder blue, and soothing charcoal grey hatboxes have been carefully matched to complement each of the Parisian Collection’s offerings. Each is embossed with a Bloom Magic logo, a true mark of distinction, and is decadently layered with exquisite fresh-cut flowers, certain to take the recipient’s breath away. Convey What Love Means to You Just as the amorous city has many facets, from refined adoration to deep undying love and even uninhibited passion, our Parisian Hatbox Collection offers numerous bespoke arrangements, ideal to convey the depth of your emotions in a style that speaks of your unique romance. Romance Sur La Seine, our signature piece, provides a full bouquet of red roses, and speaks of devotion and sensuality. White roses, orchids, and anthuriums, come together in the almost playful Le Jardin De Monet arrangement, which is suitable to denote pure affection and offers contemporary charm. Offering another layer, the unbridled beauty of roses, gerberas, veronicas, hydrangeas, irises, limoniums, and eryngium thistles mixed in the Les Jardins Du Louvre bouquet plant the seeds of unrestrained amore. These, and many more bespoke arrangements, are now available for delivery throughout Ireland in our Parisian Collection. Select from Our Luxurious Parisian Collection Today At Bloom Magic, we pride ourselves on providing world-class service because we know that the right bouquet can move mountains, unlock a heart, and convey what words cannot. Each of our arrangements is made from only the finest and freshest blooms, thus enabling us to guarantee a full week of freshness on each and ensuring that the lucky recipient will continue to reflect upon the thoughtful gesture for a long time to come. We offer same day delivery Dublin and next day delivery to all of Ireland for all our handtied bouquets. Feel free to browse our exclusive Parisian Collection and begin creating your very own Bloom Magic moment today.

16 Nov 2016

Most couples tie the knot during the summer or spring, and it has almost always been so. However, a growing number of people are opting for the winter to avoid the rainy seasons and to take advantage of the slower times of the year. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful times of the year as well, especially when the ground is covered in a pure blanket of snow. Best of all, there are so many options when it comes to choosing Christmas wedding flowers, whether you hope to take advantage of the magic of the season or simply appreciate cool, icy hues. If you’re planning a Christmas wedding and haven’t selected your flowers yet, or are looking for something elegant to send to a member of a wedding party, consider selecting bouquets with some of the blooms outlined here. Pure and Classic Whites Although white is already a traditional wedding colour, incorporating winter white bouquets into your wedding makes it seem as if even Mother Nature, herself, is blessing the union. Whilst crisp white has been traditionally favoured over the years, more brides are leaning towards off-whites for their wedding flowers these days. This includes various antique whites, cream, or ivory. Different shades can be layered together for texture and dimension or a single hue can be selected for a monotone look. Amaryllis Calla lilies Orchids Tulips Anemones Pale and Icy Blues Stunning winter wonderlands can be created with the addition of pale or icy blue flowers. These are stunning by themselves, but can be mixed in with off-white blossoms for an elegant pairing, too. You may also find some options that come in a light grey or silver, for a truly luxurious look. Delphinium Hydrangea Iris Rich Reds and Deep Burgundy Classic Christmas bouquets and  colours, such as bright red, are also used, creating gorgeous displays that add to the festivity of the day. Additionally, red is a colour of romance and of love, which makes it ideal for a winter wedding, and is absolutely decadent by itself. Burgundy is also

13 Nov 2016

Grab a tissue. The results are in and Donald Trump has won the 2016 American race for presidency. Well, not really… if you ask anyone who is/was supporting Hillary Clinton. She did win the popular vote after all… so far… by one-tenth of a percent, according to the Guardian just prior to this blog going live. But, none of that matters in American presidential elections, which run on a system makes use of an electoral college, or group of votes for each state. In this race, the one that matters, Trump won by a landslide. That leaves 47.6% of the American population fairly distraught and about 93.65% of the rest of the world at least somewhat concerned. (That’s the global population minus Russia and the US, by the way.) If you know someone who needs a little comfort right now, sympathy flowers are in order. You’re Going to Need a Big Bouquet. A Really Big Bouquet. A yoooge one, in fact. The good news is that it’s scientifically proven that both giving and receiving flowers can increase happiness, reduce anxiety, and lessen the amount of stress a person feels. So, flowers are a win-win all around for your favourite Clinton supporter and for yourself if you could use a little pick-me-up, too. At Bloom Magic, this is the type of bouquet we specialize in; full, lavish, fresh-cut, and hand-tied arrangements. Go for White, Sans Red and Blue. Be aware that, while red, white, and blue may be a stellar colour combination, it’s probably not going to provide the response you want, unless you’re hoping to get a little jab in. White, however, the quintessential hue for sympathy flowers, is ideal. White lilies, for example, are commonly interspersed in sympathy arrangements because they represent innocence, purity, and empathy, itself. White roses are also appropriate when a touch of elegance is required, as are hydrangeas, which tend to represent grace or heartfelt wishes. Don’t Forget the Chocolates! Whilst sending chocolates alongside sympathy flowers isn’t exactly customary, the present situation calls for something extraordinary. After all, Donald Trump couldn’t even keep businesses running without declaring bankruptcy six times and lost his TV show because of the racist remarks he made. Surely the American people wouldn’t entrust him with an entire country… or so we all thought. Right, so one big box of chocolates should help soothe the tender psyches of Clinton supporters. Scientists believe cocoa works like medication, boosting serotonin levels and helping blast away the blues with every bite. Order Sympathy Flowers from Bloom Magic Today We have a wide selection of sympathy flowers, suitable for funerals, times of mourning, and rogue elections. Each of our arrangements comes carefully pieced together with the freshest blooms and is hand-tied, so it’s guaranteed to last a full week. We also carry mood-boosting chocolates to accompany your thoughtful gift, as well as other customisations like note cards and candles. The Americans are on their own with this one, but you can begin by browsing our selection of sympathy flowers today. Delivery is free with same-day service in Dublin and next-day arrival across Ireland.

21 Oct 2016

If you’re celebrating an October birthday, flowers are a given. When fresh blooms are expertly arranged, they’re a thoughtful gift that can create a lasting memory. It’s easy to select a beautiful bouquet for the birthday girl or boy from the Bloom Magic catalogue, but you can also choose to include flowers that represent the birth month or top it off with gifts that have been specifically chosen for the month, such as the proper birthstone or colours. Use our October birthday guide as inspiration, so you can select the perfect gifts for the special person on your list. October Birthday Flowers: Marigolds and Cosmos Birthday Flowers make a great gift and Marigolds are a timeless favourite and have been chosen to represent the month of October. Their rounded heads are packed with petals, usually in vibrant colours of the sun. These oranges, reds, and yellows create a full and cheery display and may also represent devotion or elegance. Cosmos are alternate birthday flowers for October. Their name comes from the Greek root for “harmony,” as their broad petals are perfectly aligned around their faces. With shades similar to marigolds, these blossoms can help make any bouquet bright. October Gemstones: Tourmaline and Opal Tourmaline is unique in that it can take up almost any colour, depending on what minerals became embedded in it during its formation. Lore of the stone says that it can also be used to ward off evil forces or negative thoughts. Red tourmaline tends to be one of the most sought-after colours and is often referred to as rubellite. Opal presents itself with a kaleidoscope of colours, exhibiting the same rainbow effect as the inside of an oyster shell might, though the rainbow may be encased in nearly any colour.  Due to its high water content, it’s fragile and sensitive to the elements, but is beautiful none the less. Some say the stone can bring good luck to anyone who wears it. October Birth Colours: Deep Orange and Red Deep orange is the colour assigned to those born October 1-21. It represents strength in all forms, from willpower through physical energy, as well as things traditionally associated with it, such as victory, dedication, and vitality. Red is the colour for those born near the end of October, starting from the 22nd on. Naturally, this is the colour of passion, courage, romance, and energy. It also symbolizes the fall harvest. Incorporate these Concepts for a Unique Birthday Surprise Our lavish Autumn Leaves bouquet encompasses many of the essentials of October birthdays, with its rich oranges and reds, and is a great choice for anyone who is celebrating a birthday this month. A classic bouquet of romantic red roses is also ideal for the special someone in your life. We have a wide selection of other types of birthday flowers to browse as well, all fresh-cut and pieced together into stunning hand-tied bouquets, so you can easily select just the right bouquet, no matter what your recipient’s tastes may be.

20 Oct 2016

Sending someone Halloween flowers? This is a spook-tacular time of the year and a great opportunity to let someone know you think they’re fang-tastic. Adding a personalized card will make your boo-tiful gift even more memorable. Jump in and get crafty on your own or use one of the Halloween verses, quotes, poems, and rhymes we’ve collected below.   Double, double toil and trouble. Fire burn, and caldron bubble. Hoping, wishing, you receive, Grins and treats this Hallow’s eve.   *** Jack ‘o lanterns and spooks galore, Halloween is here once more. Sending a little treat your way, May it cheer you this frightful day.   ***   May the only spirits that invade your home at Halloween be the happy spirits of friends.   ***   If I could bribe the witches, And tell them what to do, I’d have them mix a potion, That brings good luck to you.   ***   Ghosts and goblins, spooks galore, Scary witches at your door. Jack o’ lanterns smiling bright, Wishing you a haunting night.   ***   May this bouquet be the first of many treats you receive this Halloween.   ***   Black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam; May luck be yours this Halloween.   ***   Hope the knock upon your door, Didn’t leave you with a fright. ‘Twas simply a special treat, For your Halloween night!   ***   From our haunted mansion to yours, We hope you enjoy this Halloween boo-quet!   ***   Skip the costume, And forget the brew, No need for trick-or-treating, I’ve sent Halloween to you!   ***   When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ‘tis near Halloween!   ***   May your Halloween be all treats and no tricks!   ***   May the Great Pumpkin rise up to meet you. May the spooks always be at your back. May the Jack ‘o lanterns glow warm upon your face, and treats fall aplenty into your sack. Happy Halloween!   ***   Hope you enjoy this boo-tiful bouquet!   ***   It’s Halloween- Eat, drink, and be scary!   ***   By pumpkins fat and witches lean, by coal black cats with eyes of green, by all the magic ever seen… I wish you luck this Halloween.   ***   Happy Halloween to the best ghoul-friend a guy could have!   ***   This is no trick; I think you’re sweeter than all the treats in the world.   ***   Happy Halloween to the best friend a person could have!   ***   Hope this boo-quet helps get you into the spirit of things.   Order Your Halloween Flowers Today Our catalogue has a wide variety of fresh-cut hand-tied bouquets and we offer free same-day delivery in Dublin, as well as next-day delivery across Ireland, so your Halloween Flowers will arrive in time for the holiday. Choose from the rich reds, oranges, and yellows of the season or select something unique to suit the tastes of the recipient. No matter which option you go with, your thoughtful gift is sure to be one of the best Halloween treats they ever receive.   We’d love to hear which greeting is your favourite. Please comment below...

11 Aug 2016

When you give the wrong gift to a friend, she will still graciously accept it and thank you for your thoughtfulness. When you give the wrong gift to your BFF, she probably isn’t going to care, but you’re certain to hear tongue-in-cheek jokes about it for years to come. While we’ve all made gift missteps, and probably still hear about them to this day, no doubt we’d really like to avoid doing the same thing again. Not just to escape the ridicule, but because we genuinely want to make our BFFs smile. If you’re considering ordering flowers online for your friend’s birthday, be it the kindly person who will accept whatever you give, or the BFF who will torture you relentlessly if you get it wrong, follow the tips below, so you can be sure your birthday flower bouquet will be one to remember (for good reasons). Pick Her Brain Before You Pick the Flowers If your friend is a fan of surprises, start poking around a month or so in advance. Try to isolate what her favourite type of flower is and go with that. If there’s no way to steer the conversation without spoiling the surprise, find out what her favourite colours are and choose flowers in that hue. It’s also a good idea to find out if she’s prone to allergies. If she is, it’s smart to stick to flowers that aren’t likely to trigger her allergies. Be Creative if She isn’t Cooperative with Info If you’re stuck on keeping the bouquet a surprise until she receives it, and she’ isn’t forthcoming with the info you need to choose something based on her preferences, it’s time to get creative. Choosing the flower of her birth month is a simple way to customize the gift. You can also search for flowers by personality type. At Bloom Magic, this is relatively easy to do, as our hand-tied bouquets are broken into an elegant Classic Flower Collection and a fun and breezy Californian Flower Collection, with new collections on the way. Go for Quality It’s easy to pick up a bouquet at the grocery store, but the difference between a grocer’s bouquet and one made by an artisan florist is astounding. An experienced florist will focus on choosing beautiful, fresh blooms, and will piece the arrangement together with expert precision. The final result is a gorgeous and full bouquet that will last longer. Choose the Delivery Destination and Time with Care Whenever possible, order ahead of time, so you can be sure that your gift will arrive on her special day. It’s also a good idea to take into account what her day is like and make sure the bouquet arrives when she’ll be available to receive it. Work schedules, the schedules of sleeping babies who might be woken by the bell, and other details of her life should be taken into account. You can browse Bloom Magic for specific offers by popular locations such as Birthday Flowers Delivered to Dublin. Always Add a Personal Note Including a personal note with the bouquet is the icing on the cake. You don’t need to be a poet or craft something elegant, but whatever you write should be a reflection of your friendship and why you think she’s wonderful. At Bloom Magic, we make it easy to choose just the right birthday bouquet. You can search the site by flower, colour, collection, or location. No matter what flowers you choose, you can rest assured they’ll make her smile and will stay beautiful long after the big day passes.

08 Aug 2016

“Home is where the hearth is” , “There’s no place like home”, “Your home is your castle”. There are many sayings that pay tribute to our home. It is where we seek solace from our hectic lifestyle. A place of refuge amidst the busy day to day. It is only natural then that we seek to surround ourselves with things of beauty that make us feel comfortable and at peace. That is why I always arrange a flower delivery to brighten up my home.  What better way than to say it with flowers. They uplift our spirits and allow us to live healthy and happy lives. Flowers are great for decorating ones home. Flowers boost our energy and allow us to feel more relaxed, positive and give an uplift to our day. The vibrance of the colours and the fragrance reduce anxiety and lower stress. With all the different colours, styles, textures and shapes of flowers decorating your home can be a little overwhelming. Luckily there are some easy ways to make the job of decorating your home with flowers easier and ultimately more enjoyable. The Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland suggest decorating your home can be divided into five separate categories. These different categories will help you to decide how to go about decorating your home with flowers based on the style of your house.  There is the modern contemporary look. Modern contemporary homes have a clean, smooth and minimalist look with clean lines and smooth surfaces. Elegant fabrics, glass, leather, synthetic materials such as glass and steel lend themselves to this look. Flower decoration for this type of modern home might involve flowers such as heliconia, orchids, anthuriums or callas. These flowers would also be best suited to spacious homes. It’s best to place these flowers in metallic holders, pottery, frosted glass or porcelain for greater effect. Next up is the traditional look or classic home. This style of home has formal or traditional architecture with many different rooms, large doors and foyers in its layout. The designs for this kind of house are mainly made up of classic elements such as traditional furniture or silk upholstered antiques, tapestry or brocade. The flowers that best suit this type of house are lilies, snapdragons, roses, gladioli or carnations. I would encourage a little foliage and dried fruit in crystal, with a hint of a green accent. Silver, porcelain and brass vases also go very well with this look.  The Victorian style house is a romantic looking home. The flowers that go best here would be gardenias, freesias, peonies, lavender or spray roses in subtle shades of pastel such as lavender, peach or pale pinks. The type of furniture is easy and casual drawn from light natural woods with an accent of bleached oak or pine. I would suggest matching this look with green plants such as cyclamen, or ivy. Lastly there is the American country style home. Houses like this have metal bowls and wooden crates. When decorating your house with flowers I would suggest swags and wreaths. Also lending to this look are the wild roses, heather, scabiosa and yarrow placed in hand-woven baskets along with herbs. Whatever you decide to do to decorate your home, flowers will always make it look welcoming and a place you can call home.

03 Aug 2016

There is nothing more iconic than a dozen long stem roses in a crystal vase. It’s classy and classic, but it has also been done a million times over. The mighty vase will always have a place in décor, but interior designers and florists are moving on. When you’re deciding what to do with your next bouquet, you might want to look beyond the vase, too.Choose a Vase Alternative to Showcase Your StyleWe’ve become so accustomed to seeing vases that any other type of vessel catches our eyes. Florists have also become smitten with using alternatives because they allow them to showcase their creativity, give the bouquet more personality, or to help the arrangement tell a story.Natural Vessels Complete the Earthy or Rustic Chic LookA vibrant bouquet is nature incarnate, but you can bring even more of the outdoors in by using natural elements to serve as your vase. Consider placing your flowers in a nest or basket. You can also do a little DIY to give a container an earthy façade. With a little glue, some twigs, rocks, or moss, you can make any fresh-cut bouquet look like it sprung up in your home. Believe it or not, certain fruits and vegetables make great holders, too. For example, a hollowed out pumpkin or other gourd can bring seasonal charm to an arrangement, while a carefully-carved cabbage can be eccentric or fresh. In these instances, it’s a good idea to place another container inside the vessel, so the flowers are happy and get plenty to drink. If these ideas seem a bit too much for your tastes, you can provide earthy visual appeal by layering sliced lime, orange, or cucumber on the inside of a clear glass container, too.Create Vintage Appeal with Recycled MaterialsIt’s easy to make a display look unique and funky by using reclaimed items from your home or a vintage shop. Let your imagination guide you. Glass bottles from milk, wine, and fizzy drinks are favourites and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. Jars and old medicine bottles can be fun and quirky, too. Tins of all sorts, from tea to spices, are adorable as well. Just be sure to wash whatever container you select out thoroughly with soap and water before using it and rinse it well, to make sure the flowers stay healthy and fresh.Ceramic Tableware Conveys Country CharmWhen you receive a bouquet and don’t have a vase on hand or you intentionally scour the kitchen for a holder for your flowers to add country charm, you’re sure to find many suitable options. A simple kettle and teacups looks quaint, yet provides a bit on unexpected panache. Carafes are also ideal.Have a Great Vase-Alternative But No Flowers it Test it Out?At Bloom Magic, we specialize in creating high-quality bouquets that will brighten your home and your spirits. Each bouquet is made from carefully selected fresh flowers, then carefully arranged and hand-tied by one of our artisan florists. Whether you choose from our bohemian-chic Californian Collection, our stunning Classic Collection, or our upcoming exquisite Parisian Collection, you’re sure to receive a bouquet that will make you smile.

29 Jul 2016

Every flower bouquet from Bloom Magic comes thoughtfully hand-tied by one of our expert florists. This means that your bouquet will be easier to care for and will look beautiful longer, but it also means that you’ll need to tend to it differently than you would if you had received a standard stock flower arrangement. How to Prepare and Display Your Bouquet1. Unpack your flowers as soon as possible after arrival, as they’ll be thirsty from the trip.2. Remove any exterior packaging, but from the band in place so the bouquet retains its shape..3. Fill your vase or container with water and add the flower food, according to instructions.4. Cut approximately 2-3cm from the base of each stem at an angle.5. Trim off any leaves that might otherwise become submerged in your vase.6. Gently slide the bouquet into the vase.7. Find a good location to display it. Ideally, you’ll want to place it somewhere where you’ll be able to enjoy it frequently, but take care to keep it away from extreme temperatures, indoor pollutants, pets, and children.How to Care for Your Bouquet1. Add fresh water to the vase as needed.2. Prune the flowers regularly and remove leaves from the water.3. Approximately every three days, or sooner if the water becomes cloudy, clean the vase, replace the water, trim the stems again, and give the flowers new food.With proper care, your fresh hand-tied flower bouquet from Bloom Magic will look beautiful for a long time to come.

26 Jul 2016

Flowers can brighten someone’s day, remind them that you’re thankful for their presence in your life, and cheer up a room, but they can also be an allergy-sufferer’s worst nightmare. Give a bouquet of cheery daisies to someone with a pollen allergy, and your thoughtful gift may well be an unwelcome intrusion. That’s not to say you can’t give someone with allergies a gorgeous bouquet, but you must choose the right kind of flower if you’d like to be remembered in a good way.Go For Lightly-Scented, Low-Pollen VarietiesSometimes, people are simply sensitive to flowers with a strong aroma, but a lot of the time, pollen is the culprit. Each type of flower is built slightly differently, but they all rely on pollination to produce seeds. Some flowers have both male and female parts, so pollination can occur within the flower, and the pollen has no need to travel outside of the plant. Other plants produce male flowers and female flowers separately, in which case the pollen must transfer from the male to the female. In these cases, the flower is designed for easy transfer, and they often fill the air around them with pollen. Ah-choo! It would be very difficult to craft a bouquet out of only female flowers, and in some cases, it’s not easy to tell the difference between them anyway, but you can send flowers in certain varieties that are known to have a very low risk of triggering a recipient’s allergies.Certain Types of Flowers Are Very Unlikely to Trigger AllergiesRoses: Thankfully, the traditional rose is on the approved list, even for allergy sufferers. Red is the go-to for hopeless romantics, though pink can be ideal for any special lady.Irises: Irises tend to be a fun, springtime pick and come in a wide variety of colours, from a deep purple to vibrant yellow.Gladiolas: Sometimes gladiolas are referred to as sword lilies, because of the shape of their leaves. They make a big impact and stand up tall in any arrangement. You’ll see them in almost every shade, from a rich orange all the way through delicate pastels. Daffodils: Generally considered a flower of friendship or hope, daffodils are a fantastic idea for a get-well gift or for anyone who needs cheer. Most of the time we see them in yellow, but they also come in white, orange, and lime green.Carnations: One of the most versatile flowers is the carnation, which is ideal any time you wish to show affection. Though carnations once were only available in pink hues and peach, today they can be found in almost any colour. Orchids: Arguably, the most graceful of all flowers is the orchid. With its tall stem, and delicate, uniquely-shaped blossom, it creates beautiful bouquets and arrangements. Orchids are often found in white or pink, though nearly every colour, aside from blue, can be found, too.Going with any of the flowers on this list is almost a sure-bet, even for the worst allergy-sufferer, but it’s also important to examine any other elements included in an arrangement as well. For instance, baby’s breath, the small white flowers often used to fill out a bouquet, can often trigger a sneezing fit, too. If you’d like to select the perfect flowers for your allergy-prone friend or loved one, please browse the Bloom Magic flower collection. Each item in our gallery is handcrafted by a skilled florist, so you can be sure you’re ordering a high-quality (and sneeze-free!) bouquet that will arrive fresh and say beautiful for a long time.

22 Jul 2016

Everyone is busy these days. We rush to work, hurry through our errands, and try to make the most of what little time we have to ourselves. Combining trips and accomplishing as much as we can in one stop is essential, but there are some things in life that we shouldn’t compromise on. One woman’s quest to simplify life by ordering flowers online recently ended up as a comedy of errors and a Tweet heard around the world. It Started Off as Ordering Flowers Online Supermarkets usually make life easier by providing everything we could possibly need under one roof. They may not always provide the best solution, such as the case is with their selection of flowers, but from shoelaces to eggs, you can get everything in a single trip. Many shops have simplified this further, by offering personal shoppers with pickup and delivery options. This is exactly what Suzanne B. had in mind when she placed an order with Stainsbury’s. She selected her items and added a spring bouquet to the list. It Ended Up as Onions Unfortunately, Suzanne’s boyfriend was the one who received the order and he wasn’t aware that she was expecting flowers. She was later surprised to find out that not only had Stainsbury’s substituted her order, but they exchanged it for an item outside the floral department. Suzanne became the “proud” recipient of a lovely bouquet of spring onions. Thanks for the flowers substitution @sainsburys !— Suzanne Bradish (@SuzanneBradish) February 29, 2016 Go Quality! These kinds of things happen all the time, but not at Bloom Magic. Our whole process is different because we focus on quality and delivering the very best blooms. We’ve chosen to partner only with local florists who have a track record for creating gorgeous bouquets, providing impeccable customer service, and delighting recipients, so you’ll always know what to expect. This is why we can showcase arrangements in total confidence that you’ll like what you see online and that you’ll be just as pleased when you see it in real life! In Stainsbury’s defense, the company tried to make it right in the end. They sent out a replacement bouquet, which Suzanne was kind enough to Tweet as well. Did they nail it? We’ll leave it up to you to decide. If you prefer quality, take a look through the catalogue of flowers available now from Bloom Magic. When delivered, your bouquet is sure to be exactly how you envision it and will stay gorgeous for a long time to come.

18 Jul 2016

Flowers have an uncanny way of brightening smiles and uplifting spirits. When you receive a bouquet, it not only makes your whole day, but reminds you of someone’s thoughtfulness every time you see it. Sadly, no flower lasts forever, regardless of how fresh it was when it arrived. At some point in time, Mother Nature will cause its petals to drop. The good news is that there are several ways to preserve your bouquet, so you’ll always have a reminder of the original flower delivery. Here’s a look at four crafty and simple ways to do it.1. Traditional PressingPressing flowers is so easy to do that most of us tried it at least once in childhood. All you need is a heavy and flat object, like encyclopaedias, and some parchment paper. Lay the parchment paper on one of the books and then arrange the flowers on top of it in a way that they are not touching. Layer a second sheet of parchment paper, and then another book, on top and let it sit for a week or so. The pressed flowers can be used in a number of ways, such as for designing custom greeting cards, jewellery, and decoupage.2. Hang-DryingHang-drying takes a bit longer, but it preserves the shape of rosebuds nicely and can give other types of dried flowers look as if they’re just opening. It’s best to choose a location that doesn’t get sunlight, so the flowers retain more colour. All you need to do is hang the flowers upside down with space between them for air to circulate. Hang-dried flowers look beautiful left upside down as art for rustic designs and can also be arranged nicely in a shadow box.3. Silica GelWe’ve all seen those little packets of silica gel in new handbags, shoes, and other goods. The stuff inside them zaps out moisture and it can do the same for your bouquet. However, you need a lot more than a few packets to preserve your flowers. You can pick up large bags of it from craft stores and you’ll probably need about ten pounds to do a bouquet. With silica gel, you’ll need to layer a small amount of it in a sealable plastic container and set the flowers inside. Usually, people trim off the stems and place the only buds upright in the container. The lovely thing about this method is that you can preserve the buds in almost any shape, by gently packing the silica gel around them, and the colours remain rich as well.  If you plan to use yours for crafting, you may want to place wires in the bases of the blooms before drying, but otherwise, they’re good to go after about a week of submersion.4. Spray PaintA coat of clear glaze paint gently sprayed on fragile blooms can do a world of wonder. It protects delicate white dandelions (the kinds that kids blow on to spread the seeds everywhere), ferns, and more. You can also use it as a protective coating on your pressed flowers. The trick to making it work is to do several very light coats at a distance, so the paint settles onto the blooms.Of course, the best way to have beautifully preserved flowers is to start with a gorgeous fresh bouquet. At Bloom Magic, this is what we specialize in; quality flowers from top-notch local florists. Browse through our online flowers catalogue and choose just the right bouquet today.

15 Jul 2016

One of the best things about choosing flowers online from Bloom Magic is that, while our blooms are always fresh, the concepts our florists piece together are always fresh, too. They draw inspiration from many sources, including interior design and fashion trends, so you can be on the cutting edge with any flowers you select. This season, the fashion industry is big on a few muted and earthy tones, as well as vibrant, energising colours. Check out some of the hottest colours of the season below and see how we’ve incorporated them into our bouquets.1. Rose QuartzRose quartz can be summed up as a pale or light pink. It’s a colour of romance and passion, but it can also be shade a of innocence or playfulness, depending on the design and what it’s paired up with. While you can absolutely find roses in the shade, you’ll also find it in all sorts of blooms. It can be seen here, in our Pure Peonies bouquet from our Classic Collection.2. FiestaThe colour “fiesta”  is a vibrant and rich shade of red. It’s reminiscent of terracotta, with warm undertones. It’s the ideal colour to send someone when you want something unique and energetically-charged. Though there are very few flowers that come in fiesta, we’ve carefully woven it into our fun, and slightly quirky Tropical Paradise bouquet, which is also part of our present Classic Collection.3. Serenity and Limpet ShellThe shades of serenity and limpet shell beautifully complement one another. Serenity is a calming, subdued lavender colour, while limpet shell can be described as a  cool and muted teal, with an oceanic feeling. The shades work harmoniously, drawing spirits, and smiles, upwards. True blues and teals are difficult to come by in the floral world, but certain succulents hold it naturally. We’ve incorporated them alongside orchids in our curious and unique Desert Valley Trail flower bouquet, which is part of our Californian Collection.4. ButtercupThe colour “buttercup” probably needs no explanation. It’s the warm and cheery yellow that can brighten anybody’s day without being overpowering. It’s a great colour to give as a bouquet of thank-you or get well soon flowers. It’s also ideal to send someone when you just want to let them know you’re thinking of them. You’ll see buttercup in countless blooms, from roses, to sunflowers, and daisies. We’ve included a few of these in our lively Santa Monica Amusements flower bouquet, also from our Californian Collection.Mother Nature likes variety, and so the shades you see in your bouquets might not be an exact match for the trending colours of the season, but they’ll be very close and beautiful nonetheless. You’ll see the shades mentioned above, as well as “peach echo,” “iced coffee,” and “flash green,” in the freshest blooms with the hottest colours throughout the pages of Bloom Magic. Start your search by browsing each collection, exploring the flowers on sale, or seeing what’s available by location now.

12 Jul 2016

Flowers have become a universal gift that have the ability to brighten anybody’s day. Studies have shown that the majority of people appreciate receiving a bouquet and the positive feelings from the gift linger on for quite some time afterward. This is true for women and men, though the menfolk are often overlooked over worries that a floral gift might seem feminine. Frankly, it’s tough to go wrong with sending flowers, but if you’d like to amplify the masculinity of a floral gift for the man in your life, apply these four tips as you make your selection.1. Choose Exotic or Bold BloomsWithout a doubt, some flowers really do have a feminine appearance. For example, the orchid, with its long stem and carefully-tucked curvaceous blossom, has represented femininity throughout the ages. There’s very little it could be described as other than ladylike, though it could still be appropriate if you’d like the man to think of you when he sees it or if the orchid has played a role in your history together. On the other hand, some blooms feel much more masculine, like the anthurium, with its broad waxy leaves in deep red. The bird of paradise flower is also a good choice, with its unexpectedly-pointed top. There are lots to choose from, but a basic guideline is to seek out unique shapes and flowers that make a statement whenever possible.2. Go for Rich ColoursThe anthurium is a great example where colour is concerned as well. The red is ideal for love or passion, but it doesn’t convey quite the same connotation that a rose does. Deeper and richer colours tend to be well-received, and they’re easily found in almost any variety of bloom nowadays due to the careful breeding of flowers.3. Select a Unique ArrangementWe’ve all seen standard floral arrangements or bouquets done up in a vase with a handful of flowers and some baby’s breath. These are indeed lovely- timeless classics, but you can think outside the box when it comes to selecting flowers for a man. Look for non-traditional holders, such as bottles, boxes, or even containers fashioned out of natural elements like wood. Many florists are incorporating moss and non-traditional fill-flowers, too, which are great choices when you’re buying flowers for a man.4. Consider Potted PlantsWhen in doubt, potted plants of all types work well, too. Bamboo, which is associated with luck, has become very popular among men. Because they can be trained to bend, curve, and loop, each one has its own personality. An arrangement of succulents is a little more off the beaten path and each arrangement takes on a life of its own. Choices like these are ideal if you’re giving him a gift at work or to keep on his desk, as they provide visual appeal while remaining minimalistic.Ultimately, whatever you choose will be special, not because of the blooms you choose, but because they came from you. You can use these tips to help select a more masculine gift, though even the most feminine orchid may still bring a smile to his face repeatedly throughout the day because it reminds him of you and your thoughtfulness. At Bloom Magic, we specialize in creating moments just like this. Our expert florists dream up arrangements and then carefully piece them together by hand, using fresh flowers, so your gift will continue to bring warm feelings and look great for a long time. We also make it easy to choose just the right arrangement for the man in your life. Simply browse flowers for delivery by searching in your recipient’s location, and place your order today.

07 Jul 2016

The Happiness of Giving Flowers! Ever been so elated with happiness from receiving a bunch of beautiful flowers that you want to give the entire world free hugs? Some of us really like to receive flowers, especially when it's unexpected. Some of us like to send flowers, and get a special buzz from it. Either way, often the reaction to receiving flowers can be a little unexpected. Let’s take a moment to have a look at amazing reactions of people receiving flowers. He's so happy he almost ate the bouquet: via GIPHY Is this your face when you receive flowers? via GIPHY It smells of happiness: via GIPHY You didn't need to buy the entire florist shop, but I love them: via GIPHY Some people get as more of a buzz out of giving flowers. Happy to make you happy... Taking advantage of the situation a little: via GIPHY So do you like flowers? via GIPHY You'll never say no to this puppy... via GIPHY The most beautiful proof of love is a happy sloth giving flowers.  via GIPHY ...just for the ladies: via GIPHY Did you pick your side? Do you prefer to give or receive flowers? via GIPHY

07 Jul 2016

Anyone who has bought two dozen red roses should know two things. Firstly, there is a magical quality about them. They have an air of romance which speaks the language of love.  Secondly, most people wince when they have to pay for them. Although it is money well spent, many first time buyers are taken aback when they realise just how much these treasured flowers cost.If you think roses are pricey, think again! Enjoy this story about the most expensive plants and flowers ever sold to put the price of beautiful cut flowers into perspective. The Saffron CrocusComing in at a paltry £1000-1500 per pound, Saffron Crocus has earned the reputation of being more expensive than gold. A popular spice used in high cuisine, Saffron is both delicious and fragrant. The flower is purple in colour with a yellow stamen. A red stigma is delicately removed from around 80 000 flowers to yield just 500 grams of spice. No wonder it’s so expensive!The Rotchschild's OrchidA general internet search for the world's most expensive flowers will reveal a great number of rather expensive orchids. Certain orchids require very precise growing conditions with the right amount of humidity, oxygen and temperatures. They may take several years to bloom or may only flower once in a lifetime.The Rotchschild Orchid, which is also known as the Gold of Kinabalu, was first discovered in 1987. In the wild, this orchid grows exclusively in Malaysia's Kinabalu National Park. Because of its rarity, orchid smugglers seized upon it with fervour. It didn't take long before this elusive plant was nearly rendered extinct. A single specimen goes for around $5,000.00.Saffron Crocus and the Rotchschild Orchid are still small change items. Our next few plants have managed to make it into the big league. Once you see what people have paid for the following, you will immediately warm up to the price of the red roses!The Shenzhen Nongke OrchidAs far as orchids go, this one is rather plain. But with all due respect to the Shenzen Nongke Group who took eight years to develop this plant in a laboratory, you will probably fail to see how anyone could possibly justify the $202,000.00 dollar price tag for a single plant. Yes, you read that correctly and it was no typo. TWO HUNDRED AND TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS!To put it into perspective, a 2015 model Ferrari California T retails for $198,000.00 This means you could own a fabulous sports car with $4,000.00 worth of fuel or you could own a plant that might die in a matter of hours if you don't water it correctly.We are fairly certain that if you arrived home and told your partner that he/she has the choice between a rare pot plant of a brand new red Ferrari, they would choose the Ferrari. If, however, you do plan to splurge, we would be more than happy to help you out in the flower department for a great deal less than that.The Juliet RoseShenzhen Nongke Orchids are nothing when compared to this rose. The Juliet Rose took creator David Austin 15 years to develop. The flower premiered at the world famous Chelsea Flower Show back in 2006. Price tag? Just under $16 million – SIXTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. That is roughly the equivalent of EIGHTY Ferrari California T's. You could drive a brand new Ferrari every week for a year and a half – or you could have a Juliet Rose. Which will it be?Finally, Where The Value IsThe amount of time and energy that goes into developing these very special plants is not for the faint hearted. The techniques involved in developing speciality flowers are extensive. The rewards, as evidenced by the high prices and competition is fierce. Many a garden gnome has dreamed of striking it big!Rest assured though, that the beautiful and unique flower designs from our catalogue represent fantastic value for money. At Bloom Magic you are guaranteed impressive flowers the likes of which will truly please. 

30 Jun 2016

Sometimes, some mysteries can't be solved. Lucky for you, here are 25 facts about flowers we have elucidated. The ancient Egyptians considered the lotus to be a sacred flower. The flower thrives in wetlands and rivers and can lie dormant for many years during times of drought, springing to life upon the return of water. This association with resurrection and rebirth may account for its use in ancient burial rituals. Throughout history glue has been made from the juice of bluebell flowers. California provides more than 60% of fresh cut flowers grown in the America. The Maltese consider Chrysanthemums unlucky and associate them with funerals. Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold back in the 1600s. The world’s oldest flower was discovered in China in 2002. Archaefructus resembles a water lily and first bloomed around 125 million years ago. Saffron comes from a crocus flower, is a spice and is very expensive. The ancients would ward off evil spirits during rituals by burning aster. Dandelions are an excellent source of vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium and iron. Although looked upon as a weed, one cup provides almost 13,000 I.U. of vitamin A. Foxgloves were given their name due to the belief that foxes slipped their feet into the leaves to sneak up on their prey. With flowers more than ten feet high and three feet wide, titan arums are the largest flower in the world. Also known as corpse flowers they tend to give off the smell of decaying flesh. Closed by day, the Moon flower only blooms at night. Angelica has been used throughout history for numerous things.  Including to ward off evil spirits, bubonic plague and even indigestion. Ladys Mantle was thought to have magic healing powers during the middle ages. When the Vikings invaded Scotland, their progress was hampered by fields full of wild thistle allowing the Scots to escape. The thistle has since become Scotlands national flower. Broccoli. Is it a flower or is it a vegetable? It is actually both.  Bamboo releases 30% more oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs more carbon dioxide compared to other plants. Because of these features, bamboo greatly decreases amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and cleans the air. The native Indians used arrowroot derived from the plant Marantha Aruninacea to draw out poisons from an arrow wound. Today we use it to thicken pies and stews. Yarrow was used for healing wounds during World War 1. Achilles was said to be dipped head first into a bath of yarrow tea. Not only do flowers look wonderful. They may just save your life. Angelas Trumpet is used in shamanic rituals by Amazonian tribes. This beautiful looking flower contains highly potent toxins. The Agave, also known as the century plant spends many years without growing any flowers, after which it grows one single bloom and dies The Oleander is even more poisonous. If eaten the effects can lead to seizures, tremors, coma and even death. Pickled marsh marigolds are used as a substitute for capers. Native Americans used Blue Cohosh, or squaw root, to ease the pains of child labour. Midwives today may use blue cohosh in the last month of pregnancy to tone the uterus in preparation for labour.  Sunflowers track the movement of the sun throughout the day moving from east to west. There you go! Mysteries solved! It feels good right!? Looking for the most beautiful flowers delivered to your location? Browse our catalogue and send flowers online today.

28 Jun 2016

There are times in our lives when words are of little benefit. When a loved one is lost, nothing but the passage of time can ease the pain. Even still, we gather around and support those who are grieving, hoping that our mere presence can provide some measure of comfort. We remember the deceased, we cry for the loss, we laugh for the memories, and we hold the survivors just a little bit closer. We also look for meaningful ways to remind the surviving family that they are not alone, and for as long as people have collectively grieved for the fallen, they have honoured both those left behind and the deceased with flowers.Basic Sympathy Flower EtiquetteThere is a myriad of options when it comes to sympathy & funeral flowers. Generally speaking, larger bouquets, sprays, and wreaths, are purchased by immediate family members and are placed on display during the service. Standard bouquets and arrangements may be sent by anyone to the funeral home or to the home of the surviving family members. Ideally, those wishing to pay respects by sending flowers should do so as soon as receiving notice. However, a bouquet sent to the family months after a loss is generally welcomed, simply because the remembrance remains thoughtful, even after the standard mourning period has passed.Choosing the Right Sympathy FlowersSome traditions called for bouquets to be pieced together, one flower at a time, by those who wished to pay respects. Each flower was chosen for a reason, whether for the symbolism of the type or colour, or because of a special tie the decedent had to a flower. Nowadays, white flowers of almost any kind are traditionally given, as they typically represent peace or purity. Pastels are often used to accent these pieces, offering added warmth to the display. For those who know the family or the decedent well, colourful arrangements may also be chosen. In these cases, the bouquets are seen as a celebration of life. They also have the ability to brighten a room and make a floral gift stand out from the others that may be sent.Selecting the Right ExpressionsIt’s proper to send along a card with sympathy flowers, but choosing the right words can be challenging. Be sure to include the names of everyone who took part in selecting the flowers, or simply list a group title if many people were involved. The note, itself, should be kept short. Although any heartfelt message will work, simple phrases such as those listed below are ideal:Our thoughts are with you.Our prayers are with you. With heartfelt condolences. With deepest sympathy.If you’d like to send flowers to show someone you’re thinking of them during a difficult time, Bloom Magic can handcraft and deliver a thoughtful and meaningful arrangement. Browse and send funeral and sympathy flowers, specially crafted to help you express what your words cannot.

23 Jun 2016

Most people are well-aware that each month has a special birthstone, but did you know that each one has a unique flower as well? It’s true! Giving someone a bouquet with their birth month flower can make the gift unique and special, tailored specifically for the recipient. If you plan to send birthday flowers or are trying to come up with an original idea before you order flowers online, consider choosing the flower for the recipient’s birth month, as listed below.January: CarnationCarnations are a timeless favourite. They’re available throughout the year and come in almost every colour. Deep red and pink often symbolize love, white for purity, and purple may be ideal for the zany and unpredictable person in your life. No matter which colour you choose, the carnation’s beauty is sure to light up the room and its spicy scent will tantalize the senses.February: IrisIrises have a rich history and tend to refer to wisdom, faith, or hope. They are seen in images from Ancient Egypt, are responsible for the Fleur-de-lis, and were even once believed to help guide women to heaven after their passing. Nowadays, they’re known for their elegance and sweet scent. You’ll find them most often in purple or blue hues, but they’re also available in cream, yellow, and mauve. If irises aren’t suited to your recipient, a violate or primrose bouquet is an acceptable substitute for someone with a February birthday.March: DaffodilJoy and rebirth are associated with the lively daffodil. Its trumpet-shaped blossom is generally yellow, though you’ll find them in white or orange as well.  April: Sweet PeaThere are hundreds of varieties of sweet peas, and they’re somewhat unique in the fact that they’re one of the few climbing plants that are given in bouquets. At one point, they were almost always purple, though many colours are available now. They have a lovely scent and generally are given as a “farewell” flower or as a thank-you. As an alternate, daisy bouquets are suitable for an April birthday, too.May: LilyLilies have been given many meanings over the years. They tend to represent purity or chastity, though the pink stargazer is a symbol of prosperity. They are given as sympathy gifts, and are also ideal for a 30th wedding anniversary and for someone who was born in the month of May. For a second wedding anniversary, white lilies of the valley may also be given. As an alternative to the lily for a May birthday, the Hawthorn flower may be given.June: RoseRoses are ideal for those born in June. Though the flower is the classic icon of love and romance, the meaning of the rose varies based on its colour. Yellow may be ideal for a good friend, whereas red and pink may be ideal for a loved one, and white, as is the case most of the time, represents purity. If you’d like to give a less traditional gift to someone with a June birthday, consider honeysuckle.July: LarkspurThe purple larkspur tends to represent laughter, an open heart, or attachment. Numerous blossoms sit atop one tall main stem, make the head of the plant take on a cone-shaped appearance when in bloom. Their wild appearance makes them ideal for a rustic or natural gift, and they’re often given in friendship or as housewarming gifts. The alternate July flower is the water lily, which is rarely used in bouquets.August: Gladiolus“Glads” are another favourite for many. They tend to represent sincerity, faithfulness, or integrity. Many rich colours are available, from red to purple, pink and yellow. There are even some pastels, such as blue. Poppies are an alternate flower for the birth month of August.September: AsterAsters tend to look like daisies and come in red, pink, white, and lilac, to name a few. Oftentimes, the large-headed flower represents wisdom, faith, love, or elegance. For those born in September, morning glories are an alternate.October: MarigoldMarigolds generally come in traditional colours of the autumn season; gold, yellow, and orange. Their large heads are covered in many petals, creating a look that is instantly recognizable to most. Though they’re often given in sympathy or remembrance, they also are ideal to show affection or let someone know “I’m thinking of you.” The dainty cosmos is an alternate for someone with an October birthday.November: Chrysanthemum“Mums” are the flower of perpetual cheer. They’re ideal for friends or anyone who needs a dose of encouragement. The chrysanthemum blossoms are massive, and come in lots of colours, from shades of red to oranges and yellows.December: PoinsettiaNaturally, the flowers of the holidays are those associated with December birthdays, too. Traditionally, the vibrant red poinsettia is considered the proper flower, but some also consider holly to be appropriate as well. Occasionally, daffodil, the March birth flower, is considered a stand-in for December babies in addition to the holiday favourites.Whether you choose to surprise someone with their birth flower or simply want a unique and thoughtful gift, the beautiful flowers at Bloom Magic can help. No matter what you select, you can be sure your bouquet will arrive fresh and beautiful. Get started now by browsing our extensive online catalogue for flowers delivered to your location.

20 Jun 2016

Roses have a certain je ne sais quoi about them. Their soft petals paired with unforgiving thorns speak to us, and have made them one of the most popular flowers of all time. Even still, there are many beautiful flowers to choose from, so why is it that the rose is the iconic choice, and the stuff of lyrics, poetry, and art? For that, you’ll need to travel back in time.A Rose By Any Other Name…Talk of roses reaches as far back as Confucius, who reportedly wrote about them being in the Imperial Gardens around 500 BC, though experts believe the genus Rosa actually appeared in Asia more than 60 million years ago. Their history is also intertwined with Greek and Roman mythology. The famed Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, is often credited with creating the rose, though there are variations to the myth. In one, she rushed to her beloved Adonis as he perished, cutting her feet in the thickets as she ran. Crimson roses sprung up from the ground where her blood drops fell, a continuous reminder of her intense affection. In another myth, Aphrodite held Adonis as he slipped away, and where her tears of anguish touched the ground, pure white roses emerged. The name of the flower has been credited to Aphrodite as well, as some myths say she offered it as a gesture to her son, Eros, though others claim Flora, the goddess of flowers, also named it for Eros after being struck by one of his arrows. We have Eros to blame for the thorns, too. His arrows rained down and impaled the stems of roses as he sought vengeance against a bee that stung him. Of course, no matter where it emerged from or how it got its name, the rose will always smell sweet.Roses Have Been Used as Secret Messages for GenerationsThe Victorian Era was rather obsessed with presenting themselves properly in polite society, while secretly giving away signals of things that ladies and gentlemen simply did not speak of. Although they managed this in written word and art quite frequently, it’s often overlooked that they attached meanings to specific flowers. The term is referred to as “floriography,” and countless guides and manuals were circulated to help people say just the right thing, without giving away their intentions to others. While the traditional red rose for “love” was true then as well, the leaves could mean “hope,” a white blossom might refer to “purity,” and a yellow would refer to “friendship.” However, if a bouquet containing 11 red roses and a single yellow was delivered, the recipient was to understand that, together, the flowers were sending a message of love and passion.The Modern Rose is a Legend in its Own RightWhether we’re subconsciously swayed by mythology or are continuing the floriographic past, roses still have deep meanings when we give them today. Often times, a single red rose is given to a new romantic interest, while a dozen roses symbolize the 12 months of the year, suggesting never-ending love. Adding one more to the bouquet may represent “forever and a day,” and multiples of 12 are used to signify head-over-heels affection and adoration.Send Your Message by Ordering Flowers OnlineNo matter what your message is, Bloom Magic can handcraft the perfect rose bouquet to express it. Get flowers delivered simply by choosing from a variety of gorgeous, fresh roses that are sure to make the impression you desire.

14 Jun 2016

The Bloom Magic blog recently explored the psychology behind giving flowers and how flowers genuinely make us happier. Whether you’d like to help brighten someone’s day with a bouquet or are considering flowers online to boost your own joy, the atmosphere can be amplified when you choose the right blooms for your existing home and décor. Here’s a quick rundown on which flowers you should choose to maximize their impact.Go Edgier if Your Home is ModernContemporary homes are often sleek and minimalistic. Depending on your personal preference, you can choose something quirky to make the bouquet pop out, or you can opt for a high-end design with understated beauty.  Exotic-looking flowers, such as the bird or paradise or various forms of lilies and orchids are ideal if you’d like to add personality to your space. Look for flowers with long stems and unusual features. On the other hand, you can also pair your modern look with shorter flowers in a low vase. In this case, you may want to look for chrysanthemums, hydrangea, or other varieties with large blossoms.Pair Your Classic Home with Traditional BloomsThere are many flowers to choose from if your home takes on a more traditional appearance. Roses of any colour are the obvious quick go-to flower, though bouvardia, amaryllis, and freesia are all excellent choices too.Choose Rustic Styles to Correspond with Cottage DécorThese days, rustic and natural-looking elements are trending in terms of décor and flowers. Unusual, wild, or seemingly untamed blooms pull the look together perfectly. Sunflowers and daisies are very popular choices, especially when they add a pop of colour to the room. Anemones, eryngiums, and lisianthuses can bring a bit of untamed beauty into your home as well.How to Apply Colour Theory with Your BloomsIn addition to choosing the best type of flower to complement your décor and style, you’ll want to choose the ideal colours as well. Most flowers come in a variety of colours, so it’s easy to find just the right hue to blend or pop, depending on your wishes. The colour wheel is a simple way to help determine which shades are best. The primary colours (red, blue, and yellow) sit equally apart on the wheel, and all the other colours fall somewhere in between.Creating Colour HarmonyColours that sit adjacent to each other on the wheel are harmonious. This is why energizing bouquets of oranges and yellows blend nicely together. If you already know where you plan to place your bouquet, you can choose flower colours that flow with the furniture and textiles around it.Creating Colour Contrast that WorksWhen you choose colours that sit across from each other on the wheel, they contrast and pop. We also see this a lot in modern combinations, especially when vibrant pink and green are placed together in spring and summer décor. The holiday colours of red and green are similar in this respect, but because they’re darker, they have a more dramatic appeal.No matter which blooms you order, they’re sure to boost your mood and brighten your home. Buy flowers online from Bloom Magic and you can also be assured you’re receiving the freshest bouquets available.

10 Jun 2016

Ireland’s summer months can be especially hard on some flowers due to the amount of sunlight they get. However, there are a number of flowers that thrive during our warmest months, and can make gorgeous arrangements when you’d like to give a fresh bouquet. While it is possible to coax other varieties into bloom during the summer, and some flowers hold up well if they’re shipped from other parts of the world, the ones you’ll find on this page do quite well right here, and are your top picks when you want to wow someone with a floral gift.RosesAlmost all kinds of roses thrive during the summer months, which makes it easy to give the traditional flower of love at any time. Interestingly, the delicate and short-lived Helleborus, or Christmas rose, is also in bloom right now. Roses come in countless sizes, shapes, and colours, so it’s possible to incorporate them in any bouquet for any reason.OrchidsThere are many different kinds of orchids as well, though they’re fairly easy to distinguish from other types of flowers. They have a unique shape that has been described as feminine, whimsical, and even magical. They come in various colours, each with its own meaning. Should you give a potted orchid, they’re especially easy to take care of, and only need one or two ice cubes per week to stay healthy.Aranthera  (Scorpion Orchid)Arachnis  (Spider Orchid)Cattleya Orchid Cymbidium Orchid Dendrobium Orchid (Singapore Orchid)Oncidium Orchid (Golden Shower Orchid)Phalaenopsis Orchid (Moth Orchid)Paphiopedilum Orchid (Slipper Orchid)Vuylstekeara (Hybrid Orchid)LiliesLilies are also instantly recognizable, for their dramatic long and tapered petals. There are many different meanings behind the gift of a lily. They tend to symbolize purity or friendship, though they’re often given as sympathy flowers as well.Agapanthus (African Lily)Alstroemeria  (Peruvian Lily)Calla Lily (Zantedeschia, Arum Lily)Eremurus (Foxtail Lily)Eucharis (Amazon Lily)Gloriosa (Glory Lily)Ixia (African Corn Lily)Lily of the Valley (Convallaria)Other Flowers You Probably KnowThere are literally hundreds of flowers that bloom during the summer months, and it’s difficult to know them all unless you’re a local florist. However, the ones you’ll find on the list below are fairly common and all bloom during the summer.Amaranthus  (Love Lies Bleeding)Antirrhinum  (Snapdragon)BouvardiaCarnation CornflowerChrysanthemumDahlia Forget-me-not (Myosotis)Freesia Gladiolus Hyacinth Iris Lavender (Lavandula)Lilac Narcissus (Daffodil)Marigold (Calendula)Papaver (Poppy)Peony Spray Carnation Sweet pea (Lathyrus)Sunflower  HelianthusTracheliumTulipZinniaIf you’re looking for the perfect summer bouquet to give someone, consider choosing from the flowers on this page. You can also browse the arrangements that are handcrafted right here at Bloom Magic. Each bouquet of flowers is top quality and includes only the freshest flowers available, so you can be sure your gift will arrive beautiful and retain its lustre for a long time. To find out which fresh flowers are available online now, search for flowers delivered by the location of your recipient.   

09 Jun 2016

We all love cats. We all love flowers. But when the two come together, not everything is as it seems, and the results are hilarious! The internet loves this guy right now, but we're not sure he is loving flowers as much as we do. He's really REALLY afraid of flowers. Well, not all cats are the same, and quite often they love to destroy our passion. It's like an unspoken war, that any bouquet of flowers left unsupervised is the prime target for a cat attack. Follow us now, as we showcase some of the craziest Cat Vs. Flowers incidents you'll ever see! The Battle: Cats Vs. Flowers Cat: 10 – Flowers: 0 The hungry cat wins. Just passing by? (licking one's lips!) Cat: 1 - Flowers: 2 When your cat gives you the gift of the flower you just planted. The best place to take a cat nap. Cat: “You know it's your own fault, human. You give me, I eat.” The tastiness! Cat: “Mmmmmmm, Iris, I’m going to eat you all!” It’s called Karma. And finally, proof cats & flowers can actually get along in perfect harmony. Sometimes. Stay tuned for our next episode: Lamas Vs. Flowers…

07 Jun 2016

Research has proven that flowers make you happy! Wow! Studies have shown that prove the effects of flowers on a person’s behavioural and emotional state, and the benefits are truly amazing. Have you ever been given a bunch of flowers and felt truly happy and excited? Well, you are not alone. According to research carried out by The State University of New Jersey, nature gives us a simple way to improve emotional health. Flowers trigger the release of chemicals in the body that make us feel happy. This is why flowers are linked to the alleviation of stress, a lift in a person’s spirits and an easing of anxiety and depression.The studies linked how flowers affect both our emotional and consequently our physical behaviour. Flowers were linked to not just instant happiness when a person receives them, but an overall lift in a person’s mood and demeanour. In the long run, flowers can offer not just emotional well-being but a physical and energising lift to our daily lives.The reason why flowers are able to do this is because they connect us to nature. Our busy lives take us away from our natural environment. Flowers remind us of our roots, if you’ll pardon the pun. Colours can make us happy via chromotherapy, by using the powers of colours to stimulate our emotions. Maybe this explains why flowers are such a wonderful gift to give, and receive, for any occasion. So maybe it’s time to order those flowers online.Flowers can make you happy by bringing you closer to your loved ones, such as friends, family members and partners. Have you ever considered why flowers are used in social settings? There’s more to it than decoration and design. Flowers create a warm, friendly environment by relieving stress and releasing “happy hormones”, which are conducive to a us opening up to strangers and fellow humans. The study went on to show that flowers offer natural visual healing properties both emotionally and physiologically. Flowers are an amazing gift. From nature to us. But, there are very few gifts we can give that help ease inner troubles, create trust amongst strangers, lift your confidence, alleviate stress, and regulate emotions. So you really don’t need any excuse to buy flowers now.The study goes further by saying when a floral arrangement was placed in a highly visible spot in the home, there was a notable uplift in the happiness levels of all occupants. Adding some flowers to your home offers more than decoration. Think of them as fragrant, visual therapy.“Common sense tells us that flowers make us happy,” said Dr.Haviland-Jones. “Now, science shows that not only do flowers make us happier than we know, they have strong positive effects on our emotional well-being.”“As a psychologist, I’m particularly intrigued to find that people who live with flowers report fewer episodes of anxiety and depressed feelings,” Etcoff says. “Our results suggest that flowers have a positive impact on our well-being.”Etcoff was also surprised at the long-lasting effects flowers had on people’s moods. “What I find interesting is that, by starting the day in a more positive mood, you are likely to transfer those happier feelings to others – it’s what is called mood contagion,” Etcoff explains. “And, the kitchen is the place where families tend to gather in the morning. Imagine how big a difference a better morning mood can make?”Don’t wait for a special occasion, get flowers delivered online with Bloom Magic and bring some happiness into your home. 

27 May 2016

Bloom in the Park is scheduled for the Bank Holiday weekend of June 2-6. The festivities always surround flowers and gardening and are designed to inspire others to take part. It’s normally a big event, attracting around 100,000 people per year, but this is their 10th year at Phoenix Park in Dublin and it’s expected to be huge. Here’s a look at the top four reasons to visit this year's Bloom in the Park.1. The Show GardensThe biggest draw to the festival are the show gardens. This year, Bloom in the Park has more than 20 different ones on display, designed to showcase trends and encourage people to kick their own home gardens up a notch. The majority are from top Irish garden designers, but some are coming from other parts of the world. An American team is actually shipping an entire garden from Chicago for the event. That’s how serious Bloom in the Park is for designers. Overall, the displays range from “postcard” size to sculpture gardens, and even Victorian walled kitchen gardens.2. Family ActivitiesKids get free admittance and the event will have a Children’s Zone. Wee ones will get to experience a bit of farm life, using child-scale equipment like diggers and scoopers. There will also be dedicated entertainment for the kids in the Budding Bloomer area, including Irish dancers, magician Billy Bubbles, and an interactive show from Scientist Sue that covers everything from slime to vegetable-powered cars. The shows will rotate through the day, so it’s easy to catch them all during your time at the festival, but there are plenty of other kid-friendly exhibits as well.3. Food VillageOne of the biggest draws to the event is always the Food Village. The idea is to give visitors the opportunity to sample lots of delicious Irish foods and to provide information on the fruit and vegetable industry. Sections include the fan favourite Bloom Inn, which features Irish whiskies and craft beers, as well as the Food Market, Bloom Farmyard, Horticulture Promo, and Love Irish Food sections, plus a new addition- the Fresh Food Market, which will have fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats, as well as tips for preparation at home.4. ShoppingVisitors will have the opportunity to purchase some of the plants they’ve seen in the gardens if they stop by the Floral Marquee or Plant Village. There is also a section dedicated to botanical art, as well as another area for various sundries and items for home improvement.This is just a sampling of what’s available at Bloom in the Park this year. There is so much to see and do, you could easily enjoy an entire day there and still not see every exhibit. However, you don’t have to wait for Bloom in the Park to see gorgeous flowers. The local florists at Bloom Magic craft amazing arrangements, using the freshest, most beautiful flowers around. To see what’s available, check our catalogue of beautiful flowers online.

27 May 2016

Hi & Welcome To Bloom Magic!We are excited to tell you about our platform and how Bloom Magic is helping local flower shops, like yours, find new customer online. Bloom Magic is an online marketplace for sending flowers. We operate much like Etsy or eBay, which means we are a pure marketplace, not a traditional relay network. We put our local partners completely in the driver seat. Local florists can join our user-friendly platform and upload their own products and designs. There is no standardisation. Bloom Magic is different from traditional relay networks. We put our florists first. Bloom Magic does NOT charge florists a sign-up fee and we will never charge a monthly subscription fee. Partnering with Bloom Magic is completely free. And our florists receive 80% for executing orders received from the Bloom Magic platform. Again, that’s no sign-up fees, no monthly fees and we give you 80% for executing orders! As well as putting our florists first, we also put our customers first. Which means we are selective about which florists we work with. We aim to work with only a handful of the highest quality florists in each local area. We look for florists who are dedicated to quality and originality. While local florists focus on doing what they do best, which is creating beautiful flower arrangements and bouquets. Bloom Magic will focus on what we do best, which is driving a large amount of traffic and potential customers to the platform. The founders of Bloom Magic, Nicholas and Killian, both spent years working for Google and are experts when it comes to capturing internet traffic. The functionality of our website is simple. First a customer searches the location they wish to send flowers to or pick up from. The customer will find a range of flower bouquets from our local partners. Customers easily can filter by price, colour, flower type, occasions and style.Once the customer has found the perfect arrangement they can easily and quickly checkout. Its that easy!The Bloom Magic vision is simple ­ We want to make it easy for a young generation of customers to find and support high quality local flower shops. Local quality is a win for the customer and with 80% for executing, it’s a win for the florist too. So please visit ​ ​today​, sign up your details, and a member of our team will contact you to help build out your digital storefront on the platform.Then all you have to do is wait for the orders to start coming in!Click here to Become a Local Partner Today - Join a Community of over 100 Real Local Florists.

25 May 2016

The flowers you receive from your local florist, ordered here on Bloom Magic, will arrive fresh and full of life, but no doubt, you’ll want to extend their beauty for as long as possible. How you care for them after you receive them will play a huge role in this, and choosing the right kind of water is imperative in making sure they last a long time. Here’s a quick guide to help choose the best water when you order flowers online.Your Tap Water Could Be Affecting the Longevity of Your Floral ArrangementsNot all tap water is created equally and the content of the water will vary based on its source. Municipalities will use different methods to purify water so it’s safe to drink, and your area will naturally have unique levels of different elements as well. The problem is, cut flowers need to be able to soak up the water easily, and when specific elements are found in great quantities in the water, they can plug up the stems so they don’t absorb the water well. Some chemicals that are commonly found in water can shorten the lifespan of cut flowers, too. Your tap water could be damaging your flower bouquets if you have:Hard Water: Seriously hard water may contain a lot of calcium carbonate and calcium sulphate, which will impact how well the flowers can “drink.” Although it’s not as common, high concentrations of magnesium cause the same issue.Soft Water: Most water that is considered “soft” is made that way through adding salt. This is bad for your flowers as well.Fluoridated Water: Across Ireland, fluoride in the water is a hot topic, but for now, it is present in public water supplies. In small concentrations, it’s ok, but it’s very difficult to measure how much is in your water. If you’re trying to extend the life of your cut flowers, you may want to avoid any fluoridated water source, including the tap.Rainwater is Generally a Safe IdeaIf it’s feasible, and your rainwater is clean, you can collect it for your flower bouquets. Cool water as it falls from the clouds is arguably the best thing you can give your flowers- it’s what nature intended! However, you must change out the water every day so it stays fresh. Unfortunately, this means rainwater is not always a viable solution.Bottled (Demineralized) Water is a Good ChoiceWhen tap water won’t do and rain water is scarce, bottled water is the best choice for your flowers. The only caveat to this is that you must select a brand that doesn’t add minerals into their product, as some do this to improve the taste. Calcium is one of the most common additives, though fluoride and salt often make their way into bottled water as well, so be sure to read the labels.Your local florist will likely send a packet of “food” along with your flower delivery. Using this is a tried and true way to extend the life of your bouquet. Of course, it’s always important to begin with fresh flowers, so that you can enjoy them longer. Bloom Magic are truly dedicated in this respect, and always make sure the breathtaking arrangements they deliver are created with the freshest flowers possible. To see what they have available to order today, check our catalogue and search by the location of the lucky recipient. 

16 May 2016

The Plant Is Called What? The wild, weird and wonderful world of plants has inspired plant names that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Could it be that some botanical names are a joke being played on the rest of us? Here we explore a selection of the weirdly named flowers, and discuss how and why they have received such names. The Shy PlantWhen it comes to ridiculous names for a plant, the Shy Plant is surely up there with the best of them. Strange as it may seem, this plant's name is very apt. The species is indigenous to South America. When it is touched, the leaves will fold inward and droop. It is as if the plant suffers from stage fright and does not like being the centre of attention. Give it a few moments of peace and it will unfold once more. One could tease these all day!Hooker LipsIndigenous to Costa Rica, Columbia and Panama, the Hooker Lips look exactly like pouty lips painted with a garish red lipstick. Loss of natural habitat and popularity among collectors has resulted in this plant now being on an endangered species list. So while you might have a chuckle at the aptness of this plant’s name, spare a thought for its survival and wish it luck!Naked Man OrchidOrchids have some of the most curious flowers of all, and the Naked Man Orchid is actually very pretty. A closer look at the blooms makes the origin of its name relatively clear, but don’t worry – it takes a fair amount of imagination to make the connection, so you won’t get arrested for having one in your greenhouse.The Corpse FlowerThe corpse flower is looks like a typical Arum Lily that stands taller than a man. It has a deep purple crossed with burgundy. Add to it the almighty smell of rotting meat, and you have Indonesia's Corpse Flower.This unusual plant is pollinated by insects which feed off carrion. It may sound like something out of a B Grade zombie movie, but it exists. It is a remarkable sight, and if you can tolerate the smell, you may find yourself joining the crowds that flock to see them whenever they flower at botanical gardens around the world.Snot LilyThis South African plant is another flower that despite the name is very beautiful. You may be tempted to pick some of these tall flowers for a vase, but it is at this point that the Snot Lily lives up to its name as copious amounts of sap leak from the cut stems. You are much better off with St Joseph Lilies or the locally grown lilies you will find in our products online. What’s in a name?At Bloom Magic we’re obsessed with flowers of all descriptions, and as it turns out even the oddly named ones get a mention. We are inspired by handcrafted, beautiful flower arrangements, and courtesy of our local florists, a truly unique bouquet is just an online order away.

04 May 2016

One of the best things about ordering flowers online from Bloom Magic is that each bouquet is handcrafted by an expert local florist. We work very hard to ensure those we showcase are the best of the best, and that they deliver breath-taking arrangements consistently. Because each local florist has a different style and personality, we’ve opted to devote some of our blogs to introducing you to the very people who will fulfil your requests when you order flowers online from Bloom Magic. Kat, from Adonis Flower Designers, was kind enough to chat with us about what makes their shop tops when it comes to flower delivery in Dublin. They’ve Created Over 45,600 Bouquets (…and counting) Adonis Flower Designers is a mainstay in Dublin, providing clients with high-quality arrangements since 1992. Though the original owner has since retired from the industry, Kat began working with him in 2008. She trained as a florist for three years in Germany and also spent some time working for a large flower shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, before making her home at Adonis. When asked how many bouquets she and team at Adonis have made over the years, she had to stop and do some quick math. “I have made approximately 15,600 bouquets in my time,” she estimated, “and Mark, one of our staff members who has been in floristry for 26 odd years, prides himself with a figure of around 30,000!” Their Style Can Be Summed Up as “Natural and Rustic with a Contemporary Twist” “I personally love all the spring flowers and anything with a nice scent,” Kat said. “Hyacinth, daffodils and sweet pea are up there with my favourites.” The staff is comprised of five individuals from various countries and each has a different background. This makes for a very eclectic mix and a constant flow of new ideas, according to Kat. She adds that the team is always coming up with new concepts, drawing inspiration from everywhere. “It could be a new colour trend in fashion or an ancient painting that sparks an idea,” but no matter what triggers the creativity within them, they always begin with the highest-quality stock available, and strive to keep unique and interesting flowers in stock at all times to delight customers. At the moment, Kat adores making big, wild, handtied bouquets, but her preferences change based on her mood, the season, and the stock available. They Love the Versatility Bloom Magic Offers Kat says that the team at Adonis loves any opportunity to go all out and create something truly memorable for a client. One of her favourite memories involves creating a rose petal carpet for a wedding, comprised of some 40,000 petals flowing down the aisle. “The groom surprised his bride on the day with the petals. It was so sweet and special,” she mused. Her local flower shop has been listed in other online directories before, but the standardized arrangements they were forced to make didn’t fit in with their image, according to the florist. “The creators of Bloom Magic have a completely different approach to design and quality guidelines,” Kat replied, when asked about why she made the move to Bloom Magic. “While they ensure that the highest product and service standards are met, we are given the freedom of showcasing our own creations on the website. This also means clients have a big range of unique designs to choose from.” If you’re looking for flower delivery in Dublin, Adonis is sure to create a lovely and memorable bouquet, no matter what the occasion is. “For anyone that hadn’t come across us before, I hope they will discover our beautiful shop and love our work as much as we do!” the local florist said. If you’d like to see the gorgeous and unique arrangements the team at Adonis can create for you, check out all the flowers online in their section of the Bloom Magic catalogue.

18 Apr 2016

We love giving flowers. In every culture, in every country, and in every generation, we have always done so, as far back as scientists can trace. While ancient civilizations might not have been so concerned with anniversaries and holidays, they still began cultivating flower crops thousands of years ago. Some scientists have tried to argue that our present adoration for floral gifts is purely societal- we love them because we’re supposed to, but those who focus behavioural psychology have come to realize there’s something much more going on when flowers are present. Flowers Genuinely Create Happiness Everyone has a “fake” smile that they dish out for the sake of being polite and for shameless selfies, and we’re so gifted at it that we don’t always realize we’re doing it, but a real true smile is something different altogether. Scientists refer to this as a "Duchenne smile," and it involves involuntary reflexes. The corners of a person’s mouth turn upward, their cheeks rise, and their eyes narrow, causing tiny crow’s feet or wrinkles at the corners. When psychologists at Rutgers set out to uncover how people responded to receiving flowers, the Duchenne smile was one key indicator they looked for. The results were published in the Evolutionary Psychology Journal, and conclude that almost everyone responds to flowers with a Duchenne smile. Perhaps most interestingly, both men and women were tested and the results were universal. Researchers also discovered that, in addition to true smiles, those who receive flowers become more warm and engaged, showing social signs of interest by stepping closer to the giver and turning their heads to the side. Bear in mind, the recipients didn’t even know the givers in the study. One group was simply lucky enough to step onto an elevator with the researchers and the other group enrolled in a study about moods. Flowers Reduce Stress and Anxiety The study about moods was only open to women, as researchers determined that they were more likely to be open and honest about changes in their emotions, and were more likely to be facially expressive. The women were divided into three groups and a delivery of flowers, a candle, or fruit was delivered to their home. They were interviewed several times afterwards, and although the intensity of emotion diminished with subsequent interviews for all recipients, those who received the flowers by and large were the only ones to report an increase in positive emotions. Flowers Have a Butterfly Effect We all know that moods are contagious, so it stands to reason that those who receive flowers are spreading that joy to others throughout the day. However, in the study where women received flowers at home, researchers noted that the gift was more likely to be placed in a community area of the home, such as a kitchen, dining room, or living room. This means that everyone in the household benefitted from the gift and had more positive emotions as well. Flowers Make You More Attractive Another psychologist from the Université de Bretagne ran some seriously interesting studies. In the first, he recruited a group of women to watch a video of a man talking about food. Half of the women sat in a room with three empty vases, while the other half sat in a room with three vases full of flowers. At the end of the video, the women were asked to rate the attractiveness of the man. Believe it or not, he was more attractive to the women who sat in a room with flowers. The psychologist later ran a similar test, but brought the women into a waiting room with a man. Again, half of the rooms had flowers and half did not. The man asked the women for their phone numbers, and a whopping 80% of them complied in the room with flowers, while just 50% did in the room without. The psychologist ran a third test, but this time stationed the man in a mall. His job was to approach women traveling alone and ask for their phone numbers in front of three different types of stores; a shoe store, a bakery, and a flower shop. In front of the shoe store, just 11.5% of the women were willing to part with their digits, and the bakery didn’t fare much better, with 15.5% agreeing, but in front of the flower shop, he succeeded 24% of the time. We still don’t know what causes people to behave differently when flowers are present, but it’s clear that they do. Whether you’re looking to brighten someone’s day or to make a good impression, sending a flower bouquet is the tried-and-true way to go.

11 Apr 2016

Welcome to the Bloom Magic Blog. This Blog will keep you up to date on all things ranging from weird to wonderful about flowers.  Always be Blooming!