Sympathy And Funerals Flowers

Send beautiful Sympathy and funerals flowers anywhere in Ireland. In times of sorrow, sympathy flowers can let the people you care about know that your heart is with them. Nothing can change the grief that comes with the loss of a loved one, but receiving mementoes from friends and family can help someone who is grieving feel less alone in their struggles. A thoughtful bouquet of funeral flowers can also serve as a testament to the impact someone has had on a community and provide a beautiful display that represents the lives he or she touched. At Bloom Magic, we specialise in creating elegant arrangements that express what words cannot. We offer next-day delivery throughout all of Ireland, so you can rest assured that your thoughtful gift will arrive at the time when it’s needed most.

Elegant Flowers from Bespoke Bloom Magic Collections

We work with Ireland’s top florists to devise gorgeous arrangements that are unique to the Bloom Magic catalogue,  ensuring your choice will warm any room and reflect your true feelings. Because we use locally-sourced blooms whenever possible and utilise minimal packaging, the selected funeral flowers are guaranteed to last a week or longer and to be as environmentally-responsible as they are beautiful. Whilst most people select white blossoms of all sorts during times like these, our collections also host tastefully colourful arrangements that celebrate the life and experiences of the deceased. Depending on the circumstances and your relationship with the family, either choice can be a welcome token of your affection.

For added individualisation, you could also opt to include one of Bloom Magic’s gift options. Add a lovely note with a heartfelt message or include a box of chocolates. You can also upgrade your sympathy flowers to include up to 50% more flowers, so your arrangement can reflect the impact the deceased has made in your life. We also offer other personal touches, like little cards, so you can send a present that’s straight from the heart.

Top-Tier Service Dedicated to Ensuring Quality

We understand that when you’re ordering sympathy and funeral flowers, a smooth and efficient process is essential. Our dedicated representatives will see to your every need, from assisting you with the proper bouquet choice to ensuring prompt delivery to a residence or funeral home. Should you need assistance at any point in time, please contact us via phone or email or use our live chat to speak with one of our associates instantly. We are here to help in this difficult time. For any queries about our delivery terms, please refer to our dedicated page that details some of the most frequently asked questions.